Description: Various methods how to screenshot Xiaomi the easiest. The method that we are going to share, does not require additional applications anymore. Very instant and practical.

Screenshot is a feature that cannot be separated from smartphones at this time. This feature is arguably important even though it is simple.

For Xiaomi owners, using this feature is not difficult. Well, in this article, we will discuss how to screenshot Xiaomi through various methods.

Xiaomi itself is a smartphone brand that cannot be underestimated. In fact, the specifications are no less than the top smartphone brands.

Xiaomi also offers specifications that do not fall behind its competitors. What’s more, if it’s only a feature for screenshots, of course it’s getting more modern.

Table of contents

  • Screenshot Feature on All Xiaomi Mobile Phones
  • 1. ScreenShot Using Buttons
  • 2. Screenshot Using Short Ball
  • 3. ScreenShot Using Toggle
  • 4. SS with Menu Button and Volume Down
  • 5. SS by Swipe Down
  • Screenshot Results Folder on Xiaomi cellphones

Screenshot Feature on All Xiaomi Mobile Phones

Basically, this feature does not differ from one type to another. Although there are differences when it comes to activating or using it.

However, roughly between how to screenshot Redmi 6a and several other types are not much different.

This screenshot or SS feature is often used for various needs. In fact, it is often used for important needs, for example in studying, working, and others.

The presence of the SS feature makes it easier for smartphone users to save important writings or files.

This means that the presence of SS on every smartphone will help every user. You no longer need to note important things that are impromptu.

Enough with SS, then save, then later you open it again to read or rewrite. This method can be used as a screenshot method Redmi 5, and various other types.

1. ScreenShot Using Buttons

ScreenShot Using Buttons

This method is classified as the easiest. You can do this right away without having to open certain applications or menus.

The following are the steps for the screenshot Xiaomi Note 7 and other versions using the button:

  • Please enter the website page, open a photo, document, or screen that will take the picture.
  • Find out where the volume down and power buttons are on your Xiaomi cellphone.
  • Please place one finger on the volume down button, and one more finger on the power button.
  • After the position of the finger fits on the two buttons, please press together until the screen is taken. Try to start by pressing the volume down button, and hold them both until SS is successful.
  • The successful SS will be visible and enter the SS folder on the Xiaomi cellphone. If it fails, please try again until SS succeeds.

2. Screenshot Using Short Ball

Xiaomi Scrrenshot

This feature is present on Xiaomi cellphones with functions similar to those of the fast buttons on the iPhone.

Its function can also be used as how to screenshot Xiaomi A1 for MIUI 8, and various other types of Xiaomi. To do this, please follow the steps below:

  • Search then select the Settings menu or Settings on your Xiaomi cellphone.
  • Select Additional Settings on the menu.
  • Click Shortball.
  • Please activate the Turn on Shortball option
  • If it is successful, there will be a round gray button on the right side of your Xiaomi cellphone. Well, that button, you can immediately use it for SS.
  • How to use Short Ball is very easy. Please open the page you want to SS. After that, please click the Shortball button. After clicking, several features will appear. Select the SS icon to take a picture.

3. ScreenShot Using Toggle

This one can be used as a way to screenshot Redmi 5 plus or something else .. Can be used for various types of Xiaomi cellphones. Well, here will describe the steps below.

  • Please open the website page, or document that you want to screenshot.
  • After that, please touch the screen in the status bar area. Then drag it to the bottom until the notification bar appears. Then, please select or click Screenshot. This method can immediately take the picture you want.

4. SS with Menu Button and Volume Down

The volume down button, not only can be combined with the power button for SS features. Besides that, it can also be combined with the menu button.

The steps are as follows:

  • Please open the website page or file to take the picture.
  • Place your finger on the volume down button located to the right of the cellphone. After that, position the other finger on the menu button.
  • After both fingers are ready on the button, then you press both of them simultaneously until the picture is taken. If SS fails, please try again until it works.

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5. SS by Swipe Down

SS by Swipe Down

For those who want to be practical when doing SS, this method can also be used as an option. For more details, please follow the steps below:

  • Please enter the Settings menu first.
  • Find and then click Additional Settings on the menu.
  • In the Additional Settings menu, please select or click Screenshot.
  • Then, turn on the Slide three fingers option will simultaneously trigger the screenshot. Once active, there will be an orange circle.
  • After completing the steps above, you can immediately take a screenshot using this feature. The trick is to simply swipe 3 fingers simultaneously on the screen where you want to take the picture.

Screenshot Results Folder on Xiaomi cellphones

After the screenshot is successfully done, the file will go directly into the screenshots folder. You can immediately check the results through that folder. You can see this folder in the gallery.

As additional information, some Xiaomi series also provide SS feature with Scroll option. Users can immediately SS while scrolling down the page.

Well, there it is how to screenshot Xiaomi in various types. How, easy right? You don’t need to use an application to do this, because the SS feature on your cellphone is complete. Good luck.

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