As a smartphone that was present in July 2020, Realme C15 offers a variety of interesting features, a full screen with Full HD + resolution to a large capacity battery.

In addition, Realme C15 is also equipped with features that make it easy for users to take screenshots quickly. On this smartphone made by Realme, there are 3 ways you can take screenshots, starting from a combination of physical buttons, sweeping the screen with 3 fingers, and using the Smart Sidebar.

For those of you who are already curious about how to screenshot in realm C15, you can see the easy tutorial as follows.

3 ways to screenshot Realme C15

Physical Key Combinations

  1. First, find the area to be captured on the screen in the C15 realme
  2. When the area is selected, press the button Power and Volume Down simultaneously for a few seconds
  3. Wait for the shutter sound to sound and the screen flashes,
  4. If you hear, the screenshot has been successfully taken
  5. You can open the application Photos in Realme C15 to see the screenshot result

realme C15 Power plus volume

Almost all Android smartphones today use the power button and volume down button combination to take screenshots. This feature is immediately activated on the Realme C15 without you needing to do the settings first.

As a side note, using this combination too often can create physical buttons. We all know that the power button is most often used to activate or rest the screen.

For this reason, you can also use the gesture feature by sweeping the screen using three fingers. The following is a tutorial for taking screenshots using this feature.

Screenshot with 3 Finger Swipe

  1. First, open the application or menu Settings on the HP realme C15
  2. Select menu Convenience Tools
  3. Next, select the menu Gesture & Motions
  4. Next, activate the feature 3-Finger Screenshot
  5. After the feature is active, immediately search for the area to be captured by the screen
  6. After the area has been defined, then swipe or sweep the screen from top to bottom using 3 fingers that are pinched together
  7. If the screen flashes and the shutter sounds, the screenshot has been successfully performed
  8. You can see the screenshot result in the application Photos

realme Screenshot with 3 Finger Swipe

When buying Realme C15, this screenshot feature is usually activated so you can immediately use a swipe gesture or sweep the screen with three fingers. Meanwhile, if you want to turn off this feature, then you can immediately follow the steps above and disable it immediately.

Screenshot with Smart Sidebar

  1. First, open the menu or application Settings in realme C15
  2. Select menu Convenience Tools
  3. Next, select the menu Smart Sidebar
  4. Next, activate it Smart Sidebar
  5. After this feature is active, then you can go to the area to be screenshot
  6. When the screenshot area is selected, open it Smart Sidebar by swiping the screen from the edge to the center using one finger
  7. After Smart Sidebar appears, then select menu Screenshot
  8. The screen will flash with a shutter sound, indicating that the screenshot has been successfully taken
  9. The screenshot results can be seen directly in the application Photos

Smart Sidebar realm

This Smart Sidebar feature can be an alternative for taking screenshots in Realme C15. Among the three, I like the method of taking screenshots using 3 finger gestures on the screen the most because it’s easier than using a combination of keys.

But still, the choice of using this screenshot method depends on the convenience of each person. But if you have another method that is more interesting, then you can write it down in the comments column below.