Xiaomi announced that the Redmi 9A had successfully ordered 30,000 units in just 1 hour.

This can happen thanks to the hardware specifications and attractive features it carries for middle-class smartphone sizes. Even Redmi 9A also comes with features that allow users to take screenshots easily.

Not only using physical button combinations, but screenshots on Redmi 9A can also be done using three fingers and the Quick Menu. For those of you who want to know how to take screenshots on Redmi 9A, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to screenshot Redmi 9A

Three-finger screenshot

  1. First, unlock the screen and go to the Redmi 9A home screen
  2. Next, find the area to be screenshot
  3. After the screenshot area is determined, then swipe or swipe the screen from top to bottom with three fingers that are closed
  4. When the shutter sound is heard and the screen flashes, the screenshot has been successfully done
  5. Later the screenshot results can be seen in the application Gallery built-in

As a Xiaomi smartphone born in 2020, Redmi 9A already comes with a screenshot capability that uses three fingers. In fact, this feature has been active since you first turned on the smartphone.

Physical key combinations

  1. After entering the Redmi 9A home screen, you can search for the area to be screenshot
  2. Press a button power and volume down simultaneously in a few seconds to start a screenshot
  3. When the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot has been completed
  4. You can go directly to the application Gallery default smartphone to see the screenshot results

Apart from using three-finger gestures, you can also use physical button combinations on the Redmi 9A. Actually, almost all Android smartphones can also use this combination, so you can use this method as the most powerful way.

Not only with three fingers and a combination of physical buttons, but you can also take screenshots from the Redmi 9A Quick Menu, which can be accessed from the top of the screen.

Screenshot in Quick Menu

  1. First, unlock the Redmi 9A screen and head to the home screen
  2. Find the area to be screenshot
  3. After the screenshot area is determined, access it Quick Menu by swiping or swiping the top right of the screen with one finger
  4. After Quick Menu appears, select the button Screenshot emblem box and scissors
  5. After the button is pressed, a shutter sound will be heard and the screen flashes indicating that the screenshot was successful
  6. The screenshot results can be seen immediately in the application Gallery default Redmi 9A

You could say these three ways of the screenshot can be done easily and quickly, but screenshots with three fingers, in my opinion, are the fastest way.

Although the physical key combinations are also fast, it is recommended that you don’t do it often so that the buttons don’t get damaged quickly, especially the power button, which is often used to rest or turn on the screen.