With the arrival of the new iPhone, the Apple terminal takes a very important leap in photographic quality. In addition to the photos and videos, the company has slightly modified the interface. In this specific case that concerns us today, we will see how to take burst photos with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Let’s go there.

Take burst photos on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro

If you’ve been messing around with your new iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro, you may have noticed that burst mode has disappeared from the options carousel. If before it was enough to hold down the button to take a photo to activate the burst mode, now something else happens that we will go into detail in another section.

Here is how burst mode is activated on iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 Pro. It is easy to do, but it takes practice:

  • Press the take photo button.
  • Swipe left without releasing the screen.
  • You have to be very fast or you won’t trigger the burst.

As soon as you do it correctly, you will see how a counter appears with the number of photos taken in the burst. Release the button and the photo set will be saved on your reel. From there, you just have to go to the burst and choose the photos you want to keep (or all of them).

How to record video on iPhone 11 &iPhone 11 Pro quickly

or QuickTake

To record video on new iPhone we can slide on the carousel so until we reach the one we want. Normally, we are in regular photo mode, so just slide to the right.

It may not always give us time to grasp what we want right now, pets and children are unpredictable subjects. So with QuickTake, we gain a few seconds (tenths maybe?) That can make a difference between capturing what we thought or not. Returning to the video in the previous section, we will see how by holding down the fire button and it becomes a video recording.

Releasing this button will stop the video. If what we want is to lift the finger and continue recording with ease, we must first slide the finger to the right in the direction of the padlock. When we release our finger on this padlock, video mode will keep recording without pressing the finger. And, as an addition, the button with which to take photos while recording will appear.

The truth is that it is a little difficult to remember these changes. QuickTake is especially useful when we want record video quickly and vertically, perfect for social networks like Instagram.