How to take a Screenshot on Google Chrome

Follow the below steps to take a screenshot on google chrome:-

Step 1.  First you have to open your chrome browser by just double click on the chrome icon in your system or if you don’t have google chrome browser in your system first you have to download the chrome browser to take a screenshot on google chrome.

Step 2.  Now you have to type chrome://extensions in your address bar of chrome window.

Step 3.  Click on the get more extensions button.
Type screen capture

Step 4.  Now add screen capture by just clicking on the “free” button.

Step 5.  Once you click on the free button one pop window of confirm new extension will open.

Step 6.  Now you just click on Add button.

Step 7.  Screen capture by google has been added to your chrome.
Now you just capture the screen on google chrome by just click on the screen capture icon on the right-hand side of your chrome window

Step 8.  This screen capture extension has various options for capturing screen on google chrome.

Step 9.   Now have to select the screen capture options as per your requirement.

Step 10. For full-page screen capture in chrome you just have to click on capture the whole page the option.

Step 11. This way you can take the screenshots on chrome.