How to Sync Google Drive

If you want to Sync your google Drive then definitely these steps will be helpful for you. Please have a look..!!

Step 1. To sync Google drive, you should download the backup and sync tool by clicking on this link in the Chrome browser.

Step 2. Now, you can click on the personal backup and sync and agree with term and conditions.

How to sync Google Drive

Step 3. After installing, you will see the message like this and you have to restart the computer before using backup and sync.

How to sync Google Drive

Step 4. If you have login your Google account already then it automatically open the Google drive, otherwise you have to log in your account.

Step 5. If You have to choose the option Sync My Drive to this Computer and enable it to sync Google drive to the computer.

How to sync Google Drive

Step 6. If you wanna sync everything in your drive, then you should choose the option of syncing everything in my drive.

Step 7. And if you have some specific folders, then you have to select the folders which you want to sync with a computer.

Step 8. After selecting the appropriate option, you need to click on the done button, and your process will start.

Step 9. After the completion of the process, your files will synchronize.

Step 10. This is the procedure of how you can sync Google Drive by going through the easy steps.