The new Apple Watch Series 6, and in general all Apple Watch after updating to watchOS 7, abandon the support for Force Touch. This strong touch that gave us access to options and actions within the interface has been replaced by menus or buttons that are more visible and, in many cases, more accessible. It seems, however, that the option to exchange the app display between tile and list is somewhat less clear, let’s see where to find it.

Settings in the Settings app

Until a few weeks ago, switching between the list view and the tile view for our apps was very simple. It was enough that we will press hard on any app and choose the corresponding option. Now if we already enjoy an Apple Watch Series 6, which no longer have the Force Touch components, or if we have updated our watch to watchOS 7, the system has changed, it is this:

  1. We open the app Settings on our Apple Watch.
  2. We came in App layout.
  3. We choose between View as mosaic or View as list.

Once chosen, we can exit the app with a simple touch on the digital crown of our watch and we will see that the presentation of the apps adapts to our preference.

As simple as that. The truth is that the change between one display mode and the other it’s not something we do very frequently, so the fact that Apple has placed the option in the app Settings it makes sense.

This is not the only change that comes with watchOS 7 and the Force Touch system. Composing a new email, a new message or deleting all notifications have also seen changes.