In order to access special features, Smule users will be “forced” to subscribe to VIP services.┬áThe lure of VIP access in this application is even offered since the first user used it. Upon successfully creating an account for the first time, users will be offered a free trial period of VIP access for seven days.

And after subscribing to VIP access on Smule, every month you will be charged a subscription fee with a different amount, depending on the subscription method you use.

In this condition, surely there are those who are comfortable and those who are not. For those who feel at home, you may not need special treatment, but for those who don’t feel comfortable, you will need a way to stop this VIP access subscription.

And unfortunately, the way to stop from VIP services at Smule, in my opinion is the most complicated compared to other services. You have to adjust the type of subscription you are using, to be able to unsubscribe from it.

That is, you can not stop subscriptions made through Google Play by using the way to the App Store, or vice versa. You also cannot use to unsubscribe from Google Play or the App Store.

How to Stop Smule VIP Subscriptions

For Subscriptions From

Although this model subscription can be done for iOS and Android devices, but you can’t cancel it via Google Play or App Store. Subscriptions made from can only be canceled through the site as well.

In this case, you only need to open the Accounts Settings page from the Smule website. Then you can choose the subscription cancellation option and follow the steps given.

For Subscriptions From Google Play

To unsubscribe from Smule from Google Play, you can open the Google Play Store app. From main page of the application, then click the menu located in the upper left corner. Then enter the Subscriptions section.

From the Subscriptions page, then select the subscription to cancel. After that, select the Cancel subscription button and follow the instructions provided.

For Subscriptions From the App Store

Same as when it will unsubscribe from other services, you only need to enter Settings from the iOS device you are currently using. From that page, then enter your account section.

Next, open the iTunes & App Store page, then tap on the Apple ID section located at the very top of all options. From the menu that appears, then choose View Apple ID.

Scroll down and select Subscriptions, then choose a Smule subscription. From that page, then select the Cancel Subscription button and confirm with the appropriate button.