How to Stop Skype from Starting Automatically

Step 1. By default, Skype gets launched automatically with Windows, so change the settings launch Skype on your desktop by double clicking on it or clicking on “open” after a right click on it.

Step 2. Now log in to your account to go to its home page. Click on “more options” or the three consecutive dots as shown below:

Step 3. Now click on settings to change the default settings on Skype.

Step 4. In the settings menu choose the “general” taband notice that “Automatically start skype” is turned on.

Step 5. Turn it off by clicking on the button next to it. On turning it off, the blue colour changes to grey.

Step 6. Now Skype will stop starting automatically.
Alternatively, launch the Task manager by clicking Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys together. In the Task manager menu, click on “more options” in the bottom left part.

Step 7. Choose the “Startup” tab, and observe Skype in the list, which means it starts with Windows automatically.

Step 8. Choose Skype and click on “Disable” to stop automatic startup.

Step 9. In earlier versions of Windows, type msconfigin “Search” or “run” in the Start Menu. Choose “Startup” and follow the same steps as above.