In addition to OPPO, Vivo is now also known in the world as a company that launches smartphones with a large front-facing camera to pamper selfie lovers.

The smartphone developed by Vivo began to have exciting features, such as fingerprint sensors on the screen, powerful chipsets, up to two screens on the front and back.

But apparently, there are still many Vivo users who are curious about how to do a split-screen on the Vivo. For that, for those who are interested, then you can see the tutorial as follows:

How to Split Screen on Vivo Smartphones

  1. First, simply open the Quick Settings menu on your Vivo Smartphone by swiping the screen from bottom to center
  2. In the menu that appears, you can choose the Multitask menu with icons in the form of two parallel boxes
  3. Once activated, you will be presented with a tutorial on how to enable the Split Screen feature on the Vivo Smartphone.
  4. Furthermore, you can open applications that support YouTube’s Split Screen feature.
  5. Then, you can sweep or swipe the screen from top to bottom by holding three fingers together
  6. Later, YouTube will use half the screen.
  7. Meanwhile, you can open other applications on the remaining half of the screen for example Facebook
  8. Later two apps can run directly on one screen, indicating that the Split Screen feature on the Vivo is active

You could say this search is straightforward to implement on theĀ  Vivo Smartphones. Still, the thing to remember is that this feature is only active on the Vivo smartphone that uses the Android operating system Nougat and above.

Also, applications that support the Split Screen feature on the Vivo are also limited, ranging from YouTube, Email, Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, LINE, Telegram, browser, Chrome, Firefox, and many more that make it easy for users to multitasking.

Actually, this Split Screen is not an exclusive feature present on the Vivo. Still, it is also present on smartphones with other Android operating systems since the version of Nougat 7 was launched to the world a few years ago.

If you usually smartphone with the Android operating system, in general, it can activate the Split Screen feature by pressing the Recent button. Still, it is different on the Vivo, which has to sweep or swipe three fingers from top to bottom after the first application is opened.

When the first application screen appears on half the screen, the Gadgeter can immediately search for the second application to open. Later two applications will be present on one screen at a time.

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