How to Split Screen on Mac

Step 1. Firstly open any mac window which you want to appear on a split-screen. It can be any window such as a browser window, document, apps.

Step 2. Now you will find three dots on the top left of the screen which can be used to control the screen.

Step 3. Now if you mouse over to these dots you will find a green dot. This is the main one which is required to split the screen. Press and hold the mouse pointer on the green dot and it will automatically show you the space in ‘Half Left’ or ‘Half Right’ part to placed on. Just Drag the Mouse Cursor to any of the sides and release the mouse pointer. By default, it will take half of the screen, but you can maximize or minimize the screen as per your requirement by stretching the border of the window.

Step 4. Do not press on the green dot as it will maximize the screen size.

Step 5. Now select the other window which you want to appear on the other portion of your split-screen. Tap on the screen and this window will automatically cover the remaining another half of the screen.

Step 6. Now the screen is split into two different windows and will appear like below