– One way to speed up laptop performance without additional applications is by replacing the hardware (hardware) on the laptop. The most significant way to change the performance speed of a laptop is to replace the default hard drive with an SSD (Solid-State Drive).

SSD is a storage medium that uses unstable memory or non-volatile memory (nonvolatile memory) as a medium, and does not use magnetic disks like conventional hard disks.

SSDs are often used recently to replace hard drives. Hard drives seem to have been known as storage for computers and laptops for too long because of their cheap price and built-in laptops.

While SSD promises data transfer speeds 5 times faster than hard drives. SDD form resembles a flash but with a large size.

Can SSD Speed ​​Up Laptop Performance?

Why SSD Can Speed ​​Up Laptop Performance

Unlike a rotating disk-shaped hard drive, SDD is an electronic board consisting of a set of super fast registers to process incoming information.

Another advantage of SSDs is that they are completely quiet, as they don’t have a rotating device. While the hard drive if it is old, sometimes squeaks. SDD is physically slimmer than hard drive.

Even so, you don’t have to worry about the SDD fit on your laptop or not. SDD has been adapted to the shape of the hard disk, so if you want to change the hard drive to SDD it is very possible to do it.

How to Speed ​​Up Laptop Performance with SSD

How to Speed ​​Up Laptop Performance with SSD

The process of replacing a hard drive to SDD is quite easy and has minimal risk. You only need to open the laptop case, remove the old hard drive, and insert the SSD to replace it.

Then do reinstall on your laptop. The reinstallation process feels fast due to the replacement of SDD. The most noticeable of course when booting, which only lasts 20-30 seconds.

Here’s how to reinstall:

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Hardware that can be replaced as a way to speed up laptop performance is RAM (Random Access Memory). RAM is a memory for temporary data storage, when the computer is run and can be accessed randomly.

RAM function is to speed up data processing on a laptop. The steps for replacing RAM are very easy to do yourself.

Steps to replace RAM

First of all, unplug all electricity that is still flowing to the laptop, including the laptop charger and battery. Open the RAM cover on the bottom of the laptop, next to the battery cover.

Then you will see one keeping the laptop’s default RAM installed in the slot. Then just replace the RAM with the RAM that you have purchased / prepared.

Once installed, close the RAM again as before. Turn on the laptop as usual, because adding RAM does not require any installation.

Well, that’s a way that can be used to speed up laptop performance without using software or applications. Hopefully this is useful for you.