The vast majority of websites that we can visit and save in our favorites have a small icon that is used to represent them. This little drawing that we call favicon, fruit of the union between favorite and icon, helps us identify the different favorites that we have saved and to distinguish at a glance the tab that we want to open.

These icons may change, something Safari should be aware of and re-request the updated version from the website. It’s simple, but sometimes it doesn’t happen as you might expect, causing Safari to show us outdated or erroneous favicons in our browser.

Delete the favicons and redownload them

Fortunately, with these errors we have a very simple solution: We remove all favicons completely and thus Safari will re-download them. The process is very simple:

  1. At Dock we secondary click on the icon Safari and we choose Go out.
  2. We open a new window of Finder.
  3. On the menu To go we choose Go to folder.
  4. We paste the following address ‌ ~ / Library / Safari / Favicon Cache /.
  5. We press To go.
  6. We select all the items in the folder and drag them to the trash.
  7. We empty the trash.
  8. We open again Safari.

Easy right? Safari will take care of re-downloading all favicons and, In 99% of cases, we will see that any errors in the display are resolved. The procedure is also useful for times when we do not see a favicon in a particular favorite. In this case, let us bear in mind that it is possible that the page in question has not chosen any.

Internet browsing is very visual and the little clues, colors, symbols that we find throughout the web make it possible for us to create a certain muscle memory to access certain sites or perform certain tasks. In this sense being able to have the correct favicon of our favorite websites is of considerable importance.