To sleep better and deep.

With this quarantine now it seems a challenge to sleep well. And it is that among worries, a totally different routine and being at home all day are factors that alter sleep. There are ways to improve our quality of sleep during this quarantine.

First we recommend that you should stop looking at the time every time, this only makes you more awake. If you have the opportunity it takes about 10 minutes in the sun, our body needs that vitamin and the most important thing is that you stop watching the news; choose to spend a few hours or minutes a day on the news. And you definitely avoid working and eating in bed.

1. Make a routine and eliminate the consumption of caffeine less caffeine

If you are working or studying from home you must re-create a routine. This will help your body know when it is really time to sleep. Since if you get up after 10 AM and then take a nap at 1 pm, it will be a total lack of control. Get up at the time you were leaving before quarantine and begin to resume your usual sleeping and eating times. High caffeine intake it can affect throughout the day. If you are one of those who needs a cup of coffee to start the day you can opt for just one cup in the morning and that’s it.

Opt for a green tea or an early gray tea if you want to replace coffee, they give energy but they are not as strong as coffee. To sleep better, consume a relaxing tea, an option is lavender and chamomile tea, a natural anti-inflammatory.

2. Avoid alcohol and heavy food intake at night

To sleep better and in a deep way without a doubt, it also has to do with the food we have. If we eat something heavy, the body does not metabolize food correctly and In addition to feeling very full without being able to sleep, it can also make you gain a few extra kilos. Adding a very heavy, low-nutrient dinner plus alcohol makes it harder to fall asleep and shorter sleep cycles. Alcohol is a stimulant, so drinking it at night in this quarantine is not recommended.

For dinner you can opt for a little oatmeal with kiwi and walnuts. These foods contain magnesium, so it can improve your hours and sleep quality. They also contain good fatty acids for the body.

3. Turn off electronic devices at least an hour before bed

Blue light, is that which is in cell phones, computers and tablets, that light makes our body wake up, because it acts as sunlight for the body and this can disrupt circadian cycles and suppress melanin. That is why these electronic devices also have the night mode, since the light is warmer, but this does not mean that it does not take away your sleep. Ideally, you should turn off the devices at least an hour before bedtime, this helps your body to relax and have a more complete and better sleep.

Magnesium is an ideal supplement to relax the body. There are several ways to find it can be in capsule, powder or spray. When applying magnesium spray on the skin helps to relax the muscles and that your body relaxes in order to sleep better. Apply it all over the body and rub it to penetrate much better.

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