How to Sign Out of Chrome

Get hassle-free steps to Sign Out Of Google Chrome on all devices:

How to Sign Out of ChromeIn Desktop

Step 1. Open your Google Chrome on the computer. Then, bring the cursor on the top of the right corner of the Google Chrome page and click the control tab.

Step 2. This will open a Drop down list. Scroll down the cursor and select the “Settings” tab.

Step 3. Your profile will be open, hit to the Turn Off tab to sign out Google Chrome in the desktop.

Step 4. After selecting the “Turn Off” tab, a pop-up box will appear in the window, select again the “Turn Off” tab as mentioned in the image.

Step 5. After processing this step, you will log out Google Chrome Account in your desktop.

Step 6.  After being sign-out Google Chrome in desktop, Your Google Account stop synchronizing your data.

How to Sign Out of Chrome in Android

Step 1. Open Google Chrome by selecting its icon.

Step 2. Then select the customize and control Google Chrome Bar. Then scroll your screen of the Android phone and choose “setting” tab to sign out from chrome account.

Step 3. Thereafter, A new page will show up having details of your account, hit to the profile. A new page will be shown in the screen asking you to cancel or sign out of Google Chrome Android.

Step 4.  Select “Sign Out Of Chrome” tab. A pop up will appear to confirm the logging out from the Android Smartphone.

Step 5. Choose the “Sign Out” tab, and you will be successfully sign out Of Google Chrome in mobile.

After Sign Out your account in Google Chrome, the new data or any other changes will not be synchronized in your account.