How to Share Spotify Playlist

How to Share Spotify Playlist via Spotify app

Step 1. Launch your Spotify account

Step 2. Then click on “Your Library” from the tab in the lower end.

Step 3. Now tap “Playlists” which is second on the drop-down list in the tab.

Step 4. Now select the Spotify playlist you want to share. Click on three dots next to that playlist.

Step 5. The playlist is open, scroll down a bit, and you can see “Share option”. Tap it.

Step 6. A new drop-down menu will open, where you can see all apps where you can share the Spotify playlist like “Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and more”, or you can tap ”Copy link”, and paste that link wherever you want to share your Spotify account, maybe in the comment section of Facebook, in Pinterest, etc.,

Step 7. Whoever clicks on the link can open your Spotify playlist.

Note.  You can only share your Spotify playlist via an app.