How to Set Up Skype

How to Set Up Skype on Computer System

Step 1. On your web browser type to go to Skype Home page. Once you enter the page you can see an option called Sign In in the right side of the page. If you already have a Skype account you can sign in to your account by clicking on it or follow the following steps to create and set up Skype.

Step 2. Click on the down arrow next to Sign In and from the menu click Sign Up to create an account on Skype.

Step 3. You can also download and install Skype on your desktop by clicking on “Download Skype”.

Step 4. Choose the suitable option as shown below to start downloading and installing Skype.

Step 5. In the next window, click install to install Skype.

Step 6. Start setting up the account once it gets installed on your desktop.

Step 7. In the Sign-in page enter your Skype id if you already have one or create by clicking on Create one.

Step 8. Creating an Id whether through a web browser or in the installed application have the same procedure. Here, we are following it on the Web browser.

Step 9. The next page on your web browser after choosing “Sign up” will ask you to create an account using your phone number. You can also choose the option “Use your email account” to sign up using your email address. Using an email address is the most extensively used method on a desktop so we will go through its steps first.

Step 10. Enter the email address through which you want to register at Skype and press Next.

Step 11. Enter the password that you want to choose for the Skype account and click on Next.

Step 12. Now, by entering your First name and Last name and click on Next.

Step 13. Skype will send an email to your email address for verification of your account. Open your email account on another page and check your inbox for any message from Skype. The email will have a numerical verification code. Now, come back to the Skype set up the page again and enter the verification code as shown below and click on next.

Step 14. A captcha will be sent to you and you will have to enter the characters to prove that you are not a robot. Enter the characters and click “Next”

Step 15. The next page will ask you to put a profile picture that will be shown as your representative picture. You can also put the picture later. Click on “Skip” to skip the step or “Continue” after uploading the picture.

Step 16. Skype asks you to test the audio compatibility of your system to enhance your communicating experience. You can click “Continue” after testing the audio or click “skip” to skip this step.

Step 17. Similarly, it asks you to test the video quality which can be done now or later. Click on Skip to do it later or continue with the test.

Step 18. To access contacts and for others to access you, Skype asks for permission to access your mutual friends. Click on OK.

Step 19. Your Skype account is set up and you are ready to use it now.

Step 20. Following are the initial steps if you want to create your account with your phone number, whether through the web browser or through the downloaded application.

Step 21. Enter your number and click on “Next”.

Step 22. Enter the password and click on “Next”

Step 23. Give your first name and last name and then click “Next”. Thereafter you can follow the same procedure as shown above.

How to Set Up Skype on an Android Device

Step 1. Go to the Play Store and look for app “Skype”

Step 2. Install Skype from the Play Store

Step 3. Once Skype gets installed Open it on your device.

Step 4. The following screen shows up. Click on “Lets Go” to start setting up.

Step 5. The same page, as shown in signing up on a web browser or on desktop application, shows up. You can follow the same steps as shown for creating an account through the web browser, and you can create an account on skype through a mobile application.