E-mail or e-mail (e-mail) is a means to deliver messages, documents, photos, files and more very quickly to many people in various countries.

Even email itself has become a supporter of daily work to exchange important documents between companies. Unfortunately the capacity of sending emails is also limited, where Gmail can only send documents with a maximum size of 25 MB and Live or Outlook limits the capacity of documents to 30 MB for one email.

If you are forced to send a file with a capacity that exceeds the terms of service, then you must split it first. Seeing this impracticality, Google presents sending files via Google Drive.

Through Google Drive serviceYou can send various files with a large capacity. To send files via Google Drive, you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to Send Files Through Google Drive from Mobile

  1. Open the Google Drive application found on an Android smartphone
  2. If you don’t have it, you can download it first from the Google Play Store
  3. After the application is run, you will be immediately confronted with a tab My Drive on the main page
  4. On this tab, select the button Add or the colorful plus icon at the bottom right of the application
  5. Then, press the button Upload to be directed to the file addition page
  6. You can choose multiple photos or one by one to put into Google DriveGoogle Drive Photo Smartphone
  7. Once selected, you can immediately upload it and wait until the process is complete
  8. Then you can see the file that you uploaded in the tab My Drive
  9. Press the button with the three vertical dots near the file you want to send
  10. Press the button Share with the + person
  11. Enter some e-mail addresses where the file will be sentGoogle Drive File Move Smartphone 1
  12. When finished, you can insert a little message and press the button Send bearing the arrow to the right
  13. Files from Google Drive will be sent directly to the destination email address

Of course you can also send files in Google Drive using a browser or browser while on a laptop or PC.

Through Email Service

  1. Open browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, etc.)
  2. Visit the Gmail page (https://mail.google.com/) and login
  3. Select menu Compose
  4. After the page makes the email appear, you can go to Windows Explorer to find the document to be sent
  5. You can select the document you want to send
  6. Drag and drop the selected document into the file area on the page ComposeGoogle Drive File Move 1
  7. Then a pop-up page will appear Attaching Files who will upload the document directly to Google Drive
  8. You can wait for the running process to finish
  9. If the document has been successfully uploaded to Google Drive, then the document link or link will be directly embedded on the page Compose
  10. Then send an email that already has a link to other users or peopleGoogle Drive File Move 2
  11. Don’t forget to fill Recipients for recipient email, Subject for the title of the email sent, and add a description.
  12. After all filled in, then you can immediately press the button Send

Later the recipient can directly press the link or document link contained in the email. After the link is pressed, it will automatically be faced with a preview page that allows the contents of the document to be viewed.

The recipient can also press the Download button with the down arrow to download the document. You could say this feature will be activated automatically when opening it through a browser on a PC or laptop.

For the record, only the intended email address can open files from Google Drive. In other words, if your email is not registered as a recipient, Google Drive will invite you to ask permission to the sender.