The security of the WhatsApp application was questioned a lot, especially since the case of Amazon’s WhatsApp CEO Jeff Bezos was hacked. One way of security is the WhatsApp Two Step Verification feature.

Actually WhatsApp already has preventive steps on the application to make your WhatsApp account more protected. One of them with WhatsApp Two Step Verification feature.

With the Two Step Verification feature, user accounts will certainly be better protected. Because when you want to log in to your account, the user not only receives an OTP code via SMS, but also has to enter a 6-digit PIN and email verification.

This Two-Step Verification feature has been widely used on various platforms, including Gmail, Instagram and others. How do you activate it?

Well for those of you who are confused how to activate the Two Step Verification feature, you can listen to tips from TechHow Team the following.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Application Enter Menu
  2. on the menu Settings / Settings enter selection Account / Account
  3. Select menu Two Step Verification
  4. Look at the bottom, then click “Enable”
  5. You will be asked to enter a PIN in the form of numbers and also an email address for verification. – Enter the PIN and email address that you want to use for verification, so your WhatsApp account is protected.

If you have activated the feature, WhatsApp will be better protected. Because not just anyone can log into your WhatsApp account even though they have to require a PIN or verification via email.

If you want to use the device smartphone To access a WhatsApp account, you must open the verification sent via registered email.

So if someone wants to access your WhatsApp account using another device, you will receive a verification email. Be sure not to provide verification or to click the verification link, if you don’t feel you need WhatsApp verification.

That was how to activate the Two Step Verification feature in the WhatsApp application. Hopefully this information is useful for you guys!