Realme C11 is one entry-level smartphone that has attractive specifications at a price that is arguably affordable. With the price offered, the Realme C11 has a variety of features that can help the daily activities of its users. Almost the same as other Realme devices, this smartphone also has a similar screenshot.

You can use a combination of physical keys, finger gestures, and even Smart Sidebar to be able to take screenshots on the Realme C11 quickly. For those of you who are curious about how to screenshot, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

How to screenshot Realme C11 with Three Finger Swipe

  1. First, open the menu or application Settings on the Realme C11.
  2. Next, open the menu Convenience Tools.
  3. On page Convenience Tools, Select menu Gestures & Motions
  4. Then, activate the feature 3-Finger Screenshot.
  5. Once active, go directly to the area where the screen will be captured.
  6. After the screenshot area is determined, then sweep or swipe the screen from top to bottom with three fingers pressed together.
  7. When the shutter sound is heard and the screen flashes, it indicates that the screenshot has finished
  8. You can immediately rush to the application Photos to see the screenshot.

3 finger screenshot reality

The three-finger screenshot feature is usually active on the Realme C11 since you first bought it so you don’t need to set it up anymore. Meanwhile, if you want to deactivate this feature, then you can re-use the method above and only turn off the 3-Finger Screenshot.

Using Physical Buttons

  1. First, unlock the screen and go to the Realme C11 home screen page
  2. Then, find the area to be screenshot
  3. After the area is selected, press the physical button power and volume down simultaneously in a few seconds
  4. If the screen flickers and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot has been successfully carried out
  5. You can see the screenshot in the application Photos

Now the average Android smartphone already has a combination of physical power and volume down buttons to take screenshots on the screen. So do not be surprised if the reality of Realme C11 also supports this physical key combination.

Although this method is very easy to do, but you should not use this combination too often so that the physical buttons don’t get damaged quickly. For that, you can try other ways by only using finger gestures.

Using Smart Sidebar

  1. First, open the menu or application Settings in the Realme C11
  2. Then, select the menu Convenience Tools
  3. On the next page, select menu Smart Sidebar
  4. Next, activate it Smart Sidebar
  5. After Smart Sidebar active, you can go to the area to be screenshot
  6. When the screenshot area is selected, open it Smart Sidebar by sweeping or swiping the screen from the edge to the center using one finger
  7. After Smart Sidebar active, select the Screenshot menu
  8. Furthermore, the shutter sound and the screen will flash to indicate that the screenshot was successfully taken
  9. Screenshot results can be directly seen in the application Photos

Smart Sidebar Realm

Among the other two ways, Realme C11 also presents a screenshot feature on Smart Sidebar. Usually, Smart Sidebar is hidden at the edge of the screen so you can sweep or swipe the screen from the edge to the center to bring up the Smart Sidebar.

The three ways above offer the convenience of making screenshots. While I personally like the three-finger gesture feature because it only has to sweep or swipe the screen from top to bottom. However, people’s comfort levels vary so you are free to choose the screenshot method that suits your taste.