Samsung Galaxy M11 is present in Indonesia with a 5,000mAh battery and a full screen that has a punch hole on the top left. Not only that, the Galaxy M11 also has a variety of features that can help with the work or daily activities of its users. One interesting feature that is present on this smartphone is easy screenshots with the help of the Assistant Menu.

This Assistant Menu will float on the smartphone screen and present menus to help users, one of which is a screenshot. But you can also try other alternatives with physical key combinations.

For that, for those of you who want to try both the screenshot methods on the Samsung Galaxy M11, you can view the tutorial as follows.

How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy M11

Using the Assistant Menu

  1. First, open the application or Settings menu on the Samsung Galaxy M11
  2. On the Settings page, select menu Accessibility
  3. Next, select the menu Interaction and dexterity
  4. On page Interaction and dexterity, activate Assistant menu
  5. Then, Assistant menu will float on the Galaxy M11 screen
  6. Specify the area to be screenshot
  7. After the area is selected, open it Assistant menu that floated
  8. On Assitant menu, select Screenshot
  9. After the shutter sound is heard and the screen flashes, the screenshot has been taken
  10. You can access the screenshot image results in the notification menu or application Gallery

The Assistant Menu hovering on the Galaxy M11 screen makes it easy for you to determine the area to be screenshot even when switching applications or pages. But the drawback, you must first make adjustments in the Settings menu or application before this feature can be used.

Next, we will do another screenshot method by using a physical key combination.

Physical key combination

  1. First, determine the area to be screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy M11 HP
  2. After the area is determined, press the button power and volume down simultaneously in a few seconds
  3. If the screen flickers and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot process is complete
  4. Galaxy M11 will display a screenshot image in the notification menu and you can immediately access it
  5. But you can also see the screenshot image in the application Gallery

You could say this physical key combination is quite practical without the need to make arrangements first. But keep in mind, you do not often use this combination so that the physical buttons do not break easily.

But still, the choice of using this screenshot method depends on your taste. Meanwhile, if you have other combinations for screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy M11, you can write it in the comments column below.