In early 2020, Samsung is a South Korean electronics manufacturer officially launched the Galaxy A51 middle class smartphone.

This smartphone comes with a 6.5 inch touch screen that has Super AMOLED technology and Full HD + resolution so that it can show content brightly and sharply to its users.

Samsung also presents the Infinity-O design on the Galaxy A51 so as to make the screen meet the front complete with punch holes on it. This makes users feel more free when playing games, watching videos, working on documents and photos on this device.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is of course also full of features, one of which is a screenshot or screen capture. This feature allows you to save the screen display as an image.

However, not all users already know how to activate it. Well for those of you who want to know how to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A51 then you can see the following tutorial.

How to screenshot Samsung Galaxy A51 with Physical Buttons

  1. Make sure the smartphone is turned on
  2. Next determine the area to be captured appearance
  3. Then press the physical button Volume – and Power simultaneously for several seconds
  4. If the Shutter sound and the screen flicker, the screenshot is taken successfully
  5. Later the results of the image will appear on the notification menu or you can directly visit the application Gallery

Not only Samsung smartphones, this key combination is a common method that can be done by other Android smartphones. In addition, you also do not need to require additional settings to enable this feature.

But if you have a physical button Galaxy A51 is in trouble, then you can try the Gesture feature or a movement called Palm Swipe. For this one, you need to activate the feature first.

Using the Gesture Method

  1. Visit Settings (Settings)
  2. Select menu Advanced Features (Advanced Features)> Motion and Gestures
  3. Next activate the feature Palm Swipe to Capture (palm to swallow)
  4. After the feature is active, then you can specify the area to be captured
  5. Pinch your fingers together and position your palms like a cutting knife
  6. Sweep or swipe the screen from right to left or vice versa
  7. The Shutter Sound will sound and the screen flashes as a sign of success
  8. You can access the screenshot of the application Gallery or the notification menu

Screenshot using the Palm Swipe gesture can be done quickly compared to the physical button, but you must go to the Settings menu or application first to activate it.

Even so, the choice of how to screenshot on the Samsung Galaxy A51 depends on your taste and comfort. Well, for those of you who have other ways to do screenshots on this Samsung smartphone, you can write a comment in the column below