How to screenshot realme C31 header

Techhow – Competing in the entry-level mobile segment, the realme C31 has officially been launched. This device itself has a variety of features that can be used to support the daily activities of its users.

Talking about features, realme C31 has been equipped with various methods to take screen screenshots such as physical button combinations, Accessibility Menu, and Recent Apps.

Not only realme cellphones, you could say this physical button combination is already present on today’s Android-based cellphones. To take a screenshot on the Realme C31 cellphone, you can follow the tutorial as follows.

How to screenshot realme C31

Physical Key Combination

  1. Unlock realme C31 phone screen
  2. Next, find the area that you want to screenshot
  3. Press the button Power + Volume Down simultaneously in a few moments
  4. If the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, then the screenshot has been taken successfully
  5. This screenshot can be seen directly through the application Gallery nor File Manager

The physical button combination method is very easy to do because it only uses a few steps. However, it should be noted that if this combination is done continuously, it will damage the Power and Volume Down buttons more quickly.

We all know that the Power button is very vital to turn on or turn off the cellphone. While the Volume Down button is often used to turn down the volume.

To keep the Power and Volume buttons in prime condition, you should use the features provided by the operating system, namely using the Accessibility Menu feature.

Using Accessibility Menu

  1. Open menu Settings
  2. Select menu Accessibility
  3. Next, select the option Accessibility Menu
  4. Press toggle button next to options Accessibility Menu Shortcut Becomes active or light up
  5. On the permission request pop-up menu, press the button Allow
  6. Then, the system will display the position Accessibility along with the icon for easy access
  7. When you have seen it carefully, press the button OK
  8. Accessibility Menu will appear at the bottom right icon of a person standing
  9. Then specify the area that you will screenshot
  10. Press the button Accessibility Menu at the bottom right
  11. Search and press button Screenshots which mobile screen icon
  12. The screen will flash and a shutter sound will sound indicating that the screenshot was taken
  13. You can access the screenshot results in the application File Manager or Gallery

If you have made the settings to activate and bring up the Accessibility Menu on the Realme C31, of course the screenshot process will be much easier because you only need to press the Accessibility Menu button without the hassle of using physical key combinations.

Meanwhile, if you want to take screenshots of applications that are already running on realme C31, then you can immediately follow the guide as follows.

Using Recent Apps

  1. Unlock the screen and go to the Home Screen page
  2. Make sure you have opened several applications that you feel you will screenshot
  3. After the application area is determined, then press the button recent App icon three lines at the bottom
  4. Select the application to be screenshot
  5. Next, press the button Screenshots
  6. After the screen flashes and the shutter sound is heard, the screenshot is complete
  7. You can see screenshots in the app Gallery nor File Manager

Unfortunately realme C31 by default cannot take long screenshots. Even the screenshot feature using the 3-finger gesture is also not present.