Zoom is one of the best video conferencing applications and many people use Zoom for office meetings, learning classes.

Zoom offers many easy-to-use features and due to which many people using Zoom for Work From Home (WFH) or School From Home (SFH).

Zoom also allows users to schedule Zoom meeting and send the invitation directly to other via calendar or email. You can also make a Schedule Zoom Meeting using Zoom application on a laptop, PC, or cellphone by simply doing the following steps.

How to Make a Zoom Meeting Schedule

A. On your laptop or PC

  1. Download and install the Zoom app
  2. Open the Zoom app and login account
  3. On the main page, select menu Schedule the icon calendar Schedule Zoom Meeting Laptop part1
  4. On page meeting schedule, You must specify the meeting name, time of the meeting, duration of the meeting, meeting ID, password, camera access, calendar, and Advanced Options for advanced options
  5. For calendars, it’s a good idea to choose Google Calendar because it is already used by many people
  6. When you have set everything up, you can press the button Save Schedule Zoom Meeting Laptop part2
  7. Next, you will be redirected to the browser and Google Mail page to request Google Calendar access permission by Zoom
  8. Press button Continue and you will automatically go to the Zoom Meeting schedule page on Google Calendar Schedule Zoom Meeting Laptop Calendar
  9. You can invite others by adding an email account in the menu Add Guests
  10. Google Calendar will then automatically send the invitation to the selected email Schedule Zoom Meeting Laptop Invitation

Usually, the Schedule Zoom Meeting invitation notification will appear from Google Calendar and Google Mail so that it will be easily known by other users. The invited participants only need to open the Zoom Meeting link listed in the invitation to be able to join the meeting.

Meanwhile, if you don’t have time to open a laptop or PC, you can set a Zoom Meeting Schedule using an application on your cellphone.

B. On mobile

  1. Open the Zoom app on your phone
  2. Login to your zoom account
  3. On page Meet & Chat, select the Schedule menu with the calendar icon
  4. Specify the meeting title, holding time, meeting ID, password, camera access, and adding the schedule to the calendar
  5. If you use an Android phone, Google Calendar will automatically be used
  6. Press the button Done after all filled
  7. Next, you will be directed to the menu for adding Zoom Meeting invitations through several applications Mobile Zoom Meeting Schedule
  8. For example, choose Gmail because it has been widely used by Android mobile users
  9. Next, you will be directed directly to the Gmail application to directly invite others via email
  10. Enter all emails to be invited
  11. Press the button Send which symbolizes triangle to the right which is right on the right Compose Schedule Zoom Meeting Mobile Invitation
  12. Invitations will be sent via an email message containing the Schedule Zoom Meeting complete with the link
  13. The invitee simply opens the link listed to be able to take part in the Zoom Meeting that has been made

The Schedule Zoom Meeting feature certainly makes it easier for you to schedule meetings using the Zoom application and send links to friends, coworkers, or other people. Both methods via mobile and laptop applications are equally practical and provide their own convenience.