How to Scan from Printer to Computer

Step 1. Lift the scanner lid of your printer and place the document or photo you want to scan. The side you want to scan should be facing down the scanner glass. Also please make sure to follow the markings on your scanner glass for proper placement of document.

Step 2. Close the scanner lid.

Step 3. On your computer click the windows button which is on the left side corner of your computer screen

Step 4. Type the model of your printer. For example, for an HP printer model, enter “HP Office” and your printer option should appear like shown in the screenshot below

Step 5. Once you select and open the Printer app, a window will open for printer assistance in that window select “Print, Scan & Fax”

Step 6. Under that click “scan” and then click “scan a document or photo”

Step 7. Once you click on the option a new window will open as shown below

Step 8. Once the scan window opens, you will have all the documents there. Select the document you need to scan

Step 9. Change any settings if required based on your document. The setting window will be on the right -side of the scan window.

Step 10. Click the checkbox of “Show Viewer After Scan” which is shown in the below picture

Step 11. If required click the advance settings or more to change any settings required. Click on the scan button which is on the left-side end of the page

Step 12. The document starts to scan and a small pop-up window appears as shown below:

Step 13. A preview of the scan will open. If you want to check that your document scanned correctly or not double click on the folder

Step 14. If you did all the changes and you scanned document came correctly as you want to click on “Save”

Step 15. Once you click on the save button a window will open which will ask you to where to save the document. You can choose a folder where you want to save and can also rename the file

Step 16. Click “Save” to save the scanned image. Your document was scanned from printer to computer and will now be available on your computer.