We often find WhatsApp status funny that is shared by our friends. However, this status is only valid temporarily alias 24 hours only. So, how to save it WhatsApp’s interesting and funny status?

Please note, like Instagram Story, the status in the application chat this only applies for 24 hours. However, unlike Instagram Story which is automatically stored in the Archive section, WhatsApp does not yet have a feature that can save user uploaded statuses.

Well, to be able to save the status in the application chat These, you should consider carefully the tips that we will give. The reason is, the team TechHow.org will share how to save WhatsApp status for you loyal readers.

In these tips, we use an application called Notisave. Previously, we also used this application for tips on opening deleted messages.

  • Install the application first Notisave on the Google Play Store and the App Store.
  • Then, allow the Notisave application to access notifications on smartphone.
  • Make sure you don’t block WhatsApp notifications in the notification block list in the Notisave application.
  • To view the status you want to save, open it the tab All. Tab This displays notifications that have been saved by Notisave.
  • Will appear WhatsApp Status, open the menu. This menu displays the entire status of your contact list, which has previously been viewed via WhatsApp.
  • Then, open the picture that you want to save.
  • Press the download button in the lower left corner.
  • The picture from the status has been successfully saved. To see it, open it the tab Saved.

How, easy right? But first, you need to underline. The only status that can be saved is the status you have opened through the WhatsApp application.

Because, Notisave only saves images or videos that have been loaded or downloaded.loaded when you open it on WhatsApp. Good luck!