Smule has become a favorite application for some people, especially those who like to sing. This application brings karaoke entertainment to be more accessible, anywhere and anytime.

This application is an application made by two music experts, namely Jeffrey Christopher Smith and Ge Wang, who believe that music was the original social media before Facebook and Instagram.

The application, which was first introduced in 2012, has gained a number of improvements, from the number of songs to the features that support sound processing when users are karaoke.

Until now, this application has enough features like social media, which can be used by users to record, manage, and share their songs with other users.

Unfortunately, the karaoke application originating from the United States can only be accessed online. Or simply, you will need an internet connection to do the things mentioned earlier, including enjoying the recordings.

For those of you who want to enjoy it offline, you need to download and save the recording first in the gallery. The question is, do you already know how to do it?

How to Save Smule Records to the Android Phone Gallery

  1. First, Open the Smule application on your Android device and search for the recording to save.
  2. Open the recording in question, then click the Share button.
  3. Scroll and look for the Copy Link option, then select the option.
  4. If the link has been successfully copied, open the page from your smartphone’s browser
  5. PasteĀ  the copied link into the column “Paste the URL to your Smule performance here: “.
  6. Then, just click on Fetch data for this song.
  7. Wait for the process, and when it’s finished click the Download Video or Download Audio button.
  8. The video page will appear, and to download it click the menu button in the lower right corner of the video.
  9. Click the Download button.
  10. Then set the storage location and file name to be used, and click DOWNLOAD.

How to Save Smule Records to the Gallery

Then you just have to wait for the download process. If successful, you can access and enjoy Smule videos or recordings through the Gallery application on the album in accordance with the folder where you saved it.

For the record, you can use this method for your own video recordings and other people’s recordings. The condition is that if it is someone else’s record, the record to be saved must be a public record.

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