Let us learn how to rotate an image in google docs.

Step 1. Go to Google Docs and open the file whose image you want to rotate.

Step 2. Then select that particular image.

Step 3. After selecting the image, you will notice that it gets surrounded by little square boxes along with an editing box highlighted at the bottom. As shown in the image below:

Step 4. Now, click and hold the blue dot at the top middle of the selected image. You will see that when you click and hold that blue dot, the cursor will change into a “+” icon to rotate pictures on google docs. Check in the image:

Step 5. Later, simply rotate your mouse in the direction you want to flip the image in google docs. While rotating your image, it will also show you the angle measurement in which the image is rotating. As shown in the image below:

Additional info: Moving the cursor in the right direction will flip the picture clockwise and moving it toward the left will flip the picture anti-clockwise.

Step 6. Then release the mouse button when you see the image has reached your needed position.

Step 7. As you release the mouse you can see that the image has rotated as needed, you can now save your document.