Here are the steps of how to rotate a video on iPhone.

How to Rotate a Video on iPhone

Step 1. If you are subscribed to the latest iOS software, you can swipe upwards on the home page and then you will have an image just below the connection box.

Step 2. It is easy to locate this image because it has a lock and then an arrow going above it. This is known as the portrait orientation lock.

Step 3. If it is turned on, then you can see that the video rotates on iPhone doesn’t happen. But if you press on the image once, you will get a slight white notification saying that the portrait orientation lock is off.

Step 4. Then once the lock is off, open your camera roll or any video streaming device and just flip and rotate iPhone video.

Step 5.  For an easier way, you can simply video rotate on iPhone by using gestures like pinching the screen and flipping it. It is very easy to rotate a video on iPhone!