Are you wondering how to right-click on a Mac? You are in the right place!

Years ago Apple insisted that a single-button mouse (rather than the classic two-button Windows computer mouse) was a good idea. However, this decision often leads to the confusion of several Apple users.

Even with the plethora of two-button mice available for Mac, the question of how to right-click on Mac remains.

It should also not be forgotten that Macs with a multi-touch trackpad also have no obvious way of indicating how to left or right click.

So in this article we are going to expose the different ways of right-clicking on a Mac.

How to Right Click on a Mac

Step 1. Go to the application tab in finder on your mac and click on system preferences.

Step 2. Double click on the option Trackpad.

Step 3.Then go to the option Secondary click.

Step 4. You will get three different options:

• Click or tap with two fingers.
• Click on the bottom right corner.
• Click on the bottom left corner.

Step 5. You can choose whichever is convenient for you.