If you are a regular user of the YouTube platform to view your favorite videos, you will have noticed that both the Web version and the Android and iOS applications have implemented several substantial changes in their designs. However, this change in the graphic design of the YouTube interface does not appeal to all users, and many people wonder how to go back to the old YouTube design.

This new design is much more minimalist and is known as Material Design. In the new layout of YouTube, the videos have increased in size. The location of the options such as Share, Add to playlist, like, dislike, etc. have also been modified. In addition, the fonts of the words have also been modified as well as the subscription button.

The truth is that if you use the YouTube app on both iOS and Android, there is nothing to do, that is, that you will not have the option of returning to the old YouTube design. However, in the case that you use the Web version of YouTube for desktop, you can revert the changes and continue using the previous design of YouTube as you know it so far.

Having said this, we show you step by step how to return to the old YouTube design so that the display of videos is as before:

Youtube, with a new update, has changed its layout. If you are not happy or comfortable with this new update and want to restore Old YouTube layout, then this article is for you only.

You can restore the old YouTube layout temporarily from editing the source code of the page, but to do it permanently, you have to use third party chrome extension. Let’ s check out a detailed guide on how to restore old Youtube Layout?

How to restore Old Youtube Layout


Youtube, for some time, has been allowing users to return to the old design of their website using the method previously described in this post. However, Google has just removed this option; that is, we will not be able to return to the old YouTube design using the User menu. Of the interface.

The fact that this method is not currently available does not mean that we cannot go back to the old YouTube design; what happens is that we will have to do some other step more than the simple use of a button. In this case, we will have to use an extension that can be used in both Chrome and Opera, called Tampermonkey. On the other hand, in case you use the Firefox browser, you will have to use the Greasemonkey app. All of them can be downloaded and installed from the following links from the official stores:

Download and install Tampermonkey for Chrome

Download and install Tampermonkey for Opera

Download and install Greasemonkey for Firefox

Tampermonkey / Greasemonkey is a small browser add-on that allows you to create or use specific scripts so that we can force, among many other things, a return to the old YouTube design. Once you have installed this add-on in your web browser, you must click on the link below to access the necessary Script:

Download the Script to go back to the previous YouTube design.

When you are on the Script website, you must click on the blue “Click here to install” option at the top of the website (below the title).

Tampermonkey - Greasemonkey

This will open a new tab where you can install the Script using the Tampermonkey / Greasemonkey plugin. After clicking the Install button, the Script will be installed in the Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey stub and will work automatically.

Finally, all you have to do is visit the YouTube website to see how the old version of YouTube is displayed instead of the new design.

Here, we are gonna use Temparmonkey Chrome ExtensionTemparmonkey is one of the most popular userscript managers. 

Just follow the below steps to restore old youtube layout:-

Step 1. First, visit “Youtube.” You will see the new Youtube layout.

Step 2. Now, if you want to restore the old YouTube, First, you have to search chrome web store by entering this link chrome.google.com.

Step 3. Click on the extension option, which is on the top of the Chrome window, and search for Temparmonkey.

Step 4. Once you find “Tampermonkey” chrome extension, now you will see an option as add to chrome, click on it.

How to restore Old Youtube LayoutStep 5. You will be shown a pop-up box “Add Extension,” click on that button to add “tampermonkey” chrome extension.

How to restore Old Youtube LayoutStep 6. Downloading get started, the extension will download in the background and will be added to your chrome browser.

Step 7. Now you have to copy the below given Script.

// ==UserScript==
// @name YouTube Polymer Disable
// @match *://www.youtube.com/*
// @exclude *://www.youtube.com/embed/*
// @grant none
// @run-at document-start
// ==/UserScript==
var url = window.location.href;
if (url.indexOf(“disable_polymer” === -1 {
if (url.indexOf(“?” > 0 {
url += “&”;
} else {
url += “?”;
url += “disable_polymer=1”;
window.location.href = url;

Step 8. Click on the “Tempermonkey” icon, which is on the top right side of the chrome bar, select the “dashboard” option for getting the old youtube layout.

How to restore Old Youtube LayoutStep 9. You will see the page below, now click on the “+” sign and remove the old “user script” paste the copied script.

How to restore Old Youtube Layout

Step 10. Press ctrl+s to save the Script; after this, you have to enable the “Userscripts.”

How to restore Old Youtube Layout

How to restore Old Youtube Layout

Step 11. In this way, if all the processes completed successfully, you will restore the old Youtube layout.

That’s it. You can also use another third-party extension: “Restore Classic for YouTube™.” You have to download and install this extension on your browser simply. Then just activate it. It will automatically return you the classic look of Youtube for you.

How to activate and use the new YouTube design. (again)

Once you find yourself in the old YouTube design, if for whatever reason you decide to go back to the new minimalist YouTube design, you can do so by visiting the URL: https://www.youtube.com/new. Once on this page, you should click on the Blue button: Start Using It.

Now the Material Design will be shown again with a much cleaner interface in which the content (videos) is the priority, showing a larger size as well as the possibility of using the night mode (Dark mode) that is incorporated by default in the new YouTube design.

What are the differences between the classic YouTube look and the current one?

Once the extension is installed, you will surely notice the difference in design, going back ten years back in the history of the Internet. The main YouTube screen changes to show the “Start” and “Trends” buttons at the top.

As you will see, the classic buttons on the left are also retrieved on the main screen; unlike the four big existing buttons with a much more innovative design. In addition, many more video thumbnails are displayed than in the current version.

It also changes the appearance when viewing videos, returning to the classic design with which YouTube became famous, thus recovering the mythical subscription button. You will also need to click play to play the videos.

Without a doubt, the extension is a good alternative for lovers of the classics. Some Firefox users claim that they have noticed an improvement in platform performance after installing the extension. A logical consequence considering that the version is much more primitive than the current one.