To remove header in google docs follow the below-given steps:

Step 1. First, go to the Google Docs and open the file in which you want to delete header in google docs.

Step 2. Then to change the header in google docs you have to click on the header segment of that file. After clicking it, you will notice that your document will look like in the image below:

Step 3. Now you have to backspace the whole text that is written on the header section of your file or select the entire text and press the Delete button on your keyboard. Your blank header section will look like this:

Step 4. Later, you just hit the cursor anywhere in the document. And you will see that the header section has disappeared and your file now has no heading at the top.

Step 5. That’s it; you have successfully removed the header form your Google Doc’s file.

Note: The steps to delete header on Google Docs are the same for both Windows and Mac users.