Many of us are figuring out how to avoid entering WhatsApp Group without our permission first. Do you want to know how? Check out the tips in this article.

Often we experience, without permission and prior notice our contacts have suddenly entered into a WhatsApp Group. By default, anyone can invite us to enter the WhatsApp Group without prior notice to us.

Even more annoying, it turned out that the group was completely useless. Wanting to get out is also a bit reluctant, especially if the one who invited us was also still well known.

Now to overcome problems like this, we can actually set the privacy of the account WhatsApp we. The following TechHow Team will give you a way to set the privacy of the WhatsApp group so that you don’t just enter any WA group that isn’t clear.

  1. Open the WhatsApp Application. Then in the upper right corner, open the stack menu.
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Account
  4. Select Privacy, then open Group Options
  5. In Group Options, change the settings for who can add you to the Group. There are three options available, namely “Everyone,” “My Contacts,” and “My Contacs, Except ../ My Contacts, except …”

The three choices, the meaning is:

Everyone / Everyone: Anyone including those not on your contact list can add you to the group without asking for your approval.

My Contacts / My Contacts: Only contacts in the contact list can add you to the group without asking for your approval.

If the group admins are not in your contact list, and try to add you to the group, they will get a pop-up message stating they cannot add you.

Furthermore, they will have the option to invite you privately via individual chat, by tapping “Invite to group” or pressing “Continue” followed by the send button. You will have three days to accept the invitation before the invitation expires.

My Contacs, Except ../ My contact, except …: Everyone on your contact list can invite you to the group without your consent, other than those you add to the exceptions list.

As in the previous option, people who are on your exceptions list cannot invite you directly. They can continue the invitation with a private chat, and the invitation period lasts for three days before it expires.

So that your WhatsApp can’t be invited just by anyone, you can choose the second or third option. So that those who can invite you to the group are only the people on your contact list, or after getting your approval.

Or if you want to be more strict, choose option number 3, that is My Contacs, Except … Then check everyone on your list. So everyone who wants to invite you to the group, must seek your approval first.

That’s the way to stop being invited to the WhatsApp Group without approval.