It’s very important to register the business we have in Google Maps service because it can bring in better income than before.

By registering locations in the Google Maps service, your business will be easier to find so that the opportunity to get new customers will be greater.

Actually there are no specific requirements set for registering a place to Google Maps service. You can even register a place easily on the Google Maps service via a mobile application, both Android and iOS based. Let’s seeĀ in detail how to How to Register Places on Google Maps So Your Business Is Easy to Find?

How to Register Places on Google Maps So Your Business Is Easy to Find

#1. On Android Smartphone

You who use an Android-based smartphone and can register a place by opening the Google Maps application, then tapping the menu in the upper left corner or swiping the screen from left to right.

Slide the menu down, then select options Add a missing place (Add a place). You can also use options Send feedback (Send feedback) then Missing Place (Place does not exist).

The next step, fill in the place registration form provided such as the name of the place, choose the appropriate category, and make sure the location on the map is correct.

For business places, you can also add phone numbers, hours of operation, photos, or websites by tapping options Add phone, hours, website, opening date, and photos in the below section.

When finished, don’t forget to tap on the button Send it in the upper right corner. This button is illustrated with a paper airplane shaped icon like the icon used by the Telegram service.

How to Register a Place on Google Maps

#2. on iOS-based Device

While for iOS-based device users, you can register a business place by pressing its location on the map that is displayed for a few moments. Do this until information about the location appears at the bottom.

Tap the information that appears, then select an option Add a missing place (Add a place that doesn’t yet exist). Next, you can fill out the form that is displayed as the name and category. Press the send button if all information is felt to be entered correctly.

But I need to emphasize, the registration of this new place will not be immediately approved by Google. They will review it first so there can be changes to be made next.

Google can also send emails about the results or send questions from other people who are reviewing the place that you added.