– Every photo and image has a different size and file type. Among the file types in the photo are JPG and JPEG. And the greater the resolution in the image, the bigger the size.

Because the size of the photo is too large it causes wasteful storage space. So the solution is to compress the photo. This is so that the size that was too big before becomes smaller.

Not only does it save storage space, because now there are also many online registrations that require photo documents. But unfortunately there are certain limits for uploading these photos.

Meanwhile, the size of the photos we have sometimes exceeds the size limit set by their system. In the registration of CPNS, for example, their system has set a maximum size of 200 Kb JPG / JPEG for scanning photo documents, ID cards, and selfies.

Apart from these reasons, how to compress photos or images is usually also done by website owners. Because an image size that is too large can cause website loading to be a little slow.

For several reasons, it is necessary to reduce the size of photos and images. Here are some ways you can reduce the size of a photo, either online, on a computer, or on Android.

Table of contents

  • How to Reduce Photo Size on a Computer
    • 1. Microsoft Paint
    • 2. Adobe Photoshop
  • How to Reduce Photo Size on Android
    • 1. Photo Compress & Resize
    • 2. Photo & Picture Resizer

How to Reduce Photo Size on a Computer

There are several ways you can reduce the size of a photo on a computer. Among the most common and frequently used are using Microsoft Paint and Adobe PhotoShop.

1. Microsoft Paint

If you are using a device from the Windows operating system, then there is a built-in application that can be used to reduce the size of photos or JPG files, namely Microsoft Paint.

How do I compress a photo with Paint?

  • After the paint is open, take a photo that will be minimized by clicking files => Open => Select a photo which will be reduced in size.

  • After selecting the photo, then click the button resize on the toolbar, see the arrow in the image below.

how to reduce the size of the jpg file step 2 paint

  • After clicking the resize button, you will be faced with a display of the dimensions of the photo. You only need to change it to a smaller size as desired. After that click OK.

how to reduce the size of the jpg file step 3 paint

  • After the above process is complete, then all you need to do is save it. To save, please click files => Save As => JPEG Picture.

how to reduce the size of the jpg file step 4 paint

The photo resizing process is complete. It’s very easy, right? Also Visit: Best PC & Computer Photo Editing App

2. Adobe Photoshop

The second way that can be used to reduce the size of a photo on a computer is to use Adobe Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a multi-functional software that can be used for various photo editing purposes, including to compress photos.

Some people, or even many people, consider that using this sophisticated software is difficult and complicated. But it’s not that complicated if it’s only for compressing photos.

How do I reduce the size of a photo with Adobe Photoshop?

  • Open and run the Photoshop application first, then take the image that will be resized or compressed, namely click files => Open => Choose an image which you will shrink on the computer, see picture.

how to reduce photo size in photoshop step 1

  • After the image is entered, click files again, and select Export, then select Save for Web.

Reduce photo size with Photoshop step 2

  • After you click Save for Web, a pop up window will appear with many choices. Focus on only three things, namely: Preset, Quality, and Image Size. See the image below:

Reduce photo size with Photoshop step 3

In the display image above, first make sure that the Preset used is “JPG MediumAnd Quality medium. Then set the dimensions to the Image Size as desired.

In this tutorial, we reduced the dimensions to 1920 x 1282. Once done, you can save it in a storage folder by clicking the Save button.

If you want to see the estimated file size before saving the image. You can see it below the preview image, see the image below:

Reduce photo size with Photoshop step 4

Oh yes, this method uses Adobe Photoshop CC 2019. If you are using Photoshop versions before CC 2015, after clicking the File menu you can immediately find the Save for Web menu.

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How to Reduce Photo Size on Android

Because the interests of each person are different, maybe you are better suited to reduce the size of the photo via Android. For whatever reason, you can reduce JPG files or images through the applications below:

1. Photo Compress & Resize

Android application to reduce JPG is Photo Compress & Resize. This application has two simple functions, namely reducing and cropping JPG files.

In this application, there are two terms used, namely compress and resize. In order not to misunderstand, here we will explain it first.

In fact the two terms are the same thing. The difference is only in the treatment of image dimensions. When you compress a JPG file, you only reduce the file size, without reducing the dimensions of the image.

Meanwhile, resize is to change the dimensions of the image and also automatically resize the file. Some applications that compress JPG files also have automatic compression when used for resizing.

Here’s how to reduce the size of a photo using Photo Compress & Resize:

how to reduce jpg files on android 1

  • If you choose “Compress”, it will look like this:

how to reduce jpg files on android 2

You just need to specify the file size and image quality you want. And so that the image dimensions do not change, please activate the slider “Maintain Resolution”.

If so, continue by clicking the Start Compressing button. The image compress process begins. And files that have been compressed will automatically be saved.

As for the resize option, you can determine the dimensions of the photo and compress it simultaneously.

how to resize photos with android

It’s easy isn’t it, please try and good luck. Also Visit: Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

2. Photo & Picture Resizer

Another application that can be used to reduce JPG files is Photo & Picture Resizer. Then, how do you use it?

  • Please download the application first here.
  • After the download is complete, please open the application, click select photo and select the photo that will be reduced in size.

how to reduce photo size on Android

  • Next, click on the button as shown below:

how to reduce photo size on android 2

  • After that, you can choose the dimensions of the image as shown on the application display. But if you want to customize the size yourself, you can select the custom button and set the size yourself.

reduce the custom photo size

After determining the size in the desired dimensions. The compressed photo / JPG file will automatically be saved on the smartphone device.

How? Very easy, right? If it’s still unclear, see the following video tutorial:

Hopefully the methods mentioned above can help you in the process of how to compress or reduce the size of the photo as you want. Also Visit: How to Convert JPG to PDF