WhatsApp not only used as an application chat only, but is also used for voice or VoIP calls. Many users leave phone calls, and use calls VoIP as a replacement. However, there is one feature that is still not available, namely the ability to record phone calls WhatsApp.

Just information, when calling using smartphone usually supported by the phone call record feature. This feature is useful as a precaution, or to save important conversations related to work.

Even though WhatsApp doesn’t have a call record feature, you don’t need to worry. Because, team TechHow will help you easily share how to record phone calls on WhatsApp.

In these tips, we use the application Cube ACR Call Recoder available on the Google Play Store. Here are the steps!

  • Make sure you have install it Cube ACR application first.
  • Then, open the application. Then, allow some access needed by the application, one of which is overlay and floating windows.
  • Next, open the menu Settings and choose Recordings. Sure Autostart Recording has been activated, so that when a phone call via WhatsApp comes in, recording will automatically run.
  • Then, activate the option VoIP Recording to be able to record WhatsApp calls.
  • When a phone call is received or made, button Cuber ACR appears, and automatic recording starts immediately.
  • The recorded phone calls will be displayed in the voice recording list in the Cube ACR application’s start menu.

That was the way to record WhatsApp phone calls using an additional application. Not only for WhatsApp, the Cube ACR application can also record phone calls from other applications such as Line, Facebook Messenger and others. Good luck!