One of the advanced technologies that is now available on smartphone which is capable of recording video very stable using OIS and EIS features. But unfortunately, this feature certainly can not be enjoyed on older phones because of limitations hardware and software.

But actually you old school phone users do not need to worry, because stable video recording can be done without using the OIS and EIS features.

Here is the team TechHow will give tips, how to record stable videos for smartphone without EIS or OIS. Here’s how:

  1.  Record a video using smartphone you.
  2.  Open the video using the Google Photos application. If this application is not already installed on your smartphone, you can download it through the Playstore application.
  3.  After opening the video, select the edit menu in the form of a stack icon in the bottom center.
  4.  The Stabilize and Rotate options will appear. Select “Stabilize”.
  5. Wait for your video to be stabilized to eliminate shocks when recording video.
  6. Taraa … Your video has been successfully made more stable.
  7. Then select “Save Copy” in the upper right corner to save the edited video to be stable earlier.

Basically what this application does is the Electronic Image Stabilizer process. But it is different from EIS which is directly pinned on software camera, the stabilization used on Google Photos is post processing, i.e. the video is made stable after the picture is taken.

While on some of the latest smartphones supported by high-performance chipsets, EIS can be done while recording video.

So for old school or class phones low-end who still use a runway kitchen that is lacking powerful, this way you can use to record video to be more stable.