If you want to add page number in Google docs, then you must pay attention provided steps.

How To Add Page Number In Google Docs

Here, we are providing complete guidelines for inserting page number in Google Docs.

Step 1.  You have to go through the Google Drive Folder.

Step 2.  Then you have to click on the My Drive link and a drop-down list will be open.

Step 3.  Here, you can see the Google Docs link. So, you need to open your Google Docs in which you want to add the page number.

Step 4.  Putting the page number in Google Docs, you have to move your cursor to the Insert tab which is located next to the view tab.

Step 5.  The drop-down list will be open on your computer screen, and you have to go through the Header and page number link.

Step 6.  If you want to add page number in the Header section then you have to choose the Header otherwise you can go for the footer as well.

Step 7.  Now click on the page number and select the page.

Step 8.  After that, your page number will be displayed on your Google Docs.

Step 9.  You can add Add page numbers in Google Docs by scrolling down the sheet.

Step 10. After that, you can check all the pages of Google docs that your page number has been inserted or not.

Step 11. To put the page number in Google Docs easily, you can follow these steps.