How to Put Music on Spotify

Step 1. To add your choice of music on Spotify, music distributors need to be installed. Some of these allow uploading music for free while some of them are chargeable. Some of them are TuneCore, CD Baby, RouteNote, AWAL, LANDR, DistroKid, etc.

Step 2. Now, upload your music to the music distributor, the files should be high-resolution mp3 or lossless wave file. Uploading MP3 files that are 320kbps at least will give the best results.

Step 3. When the music is uploaded, the music distributors ask for additional details like the album title, track number, music genre and information of its copyright. They might as well ask to fill a form for uploading music.

Step 4. The music distributor asks for providing artwork regarding the music too. If the album is recorded by you an album artwork can be provided or if the music is a demo, provide a photo with the artist’s name and logo. Once the distributor has the music and appropriate information, it goes through the approval process.

Step 5. After the music gets approved, your music will get uploaded to Spotify in 3 to 5 business days.