An easy method to print text messages from iPhone:

How to Print Text Messages from iPhone

Step 1. Unlock iPhone to visit home screen.

Step 2. Select messages app from the apps, this will open all the text messages on iPhone.

Step 3. Now visit the conversation for text messages print from iPhone.

Step 4. Take a screenshot by of the messages, you’d like to print.

Step 5. Now close messages app and visit Photos app on iPhone.

Step 6. Open the screenshot you took, from the photos, and press the button present on left down corner.

Step 7. Various options will appear that will suggest forwarding the picture on various platforms, here you could select multiple images as well, and then press ‘Print’ option.

Step 8. Now press on ‘Select Printer’ a list of printers will appear, choose your printer and then press ‘Print’.

Step 9. You could also print iPhone text messages by copying the messages you’d like to print from the Message app and then pasting it in a new mail and then mailing it to yourself so that you could access it in your system and then take a print out from there.