Description: The Microsoft store can be accessed from Windows 8 and 10. However, there are often problems, one of which is that the Microsoft Store cannot be opened or has an error.

The Microsoft store is an application store specifically provided for Microsoft Windows users. In this store, you can find hundreds of interesting games and applications that are ready to be installed on your PC / laptop.

Not all of the applications and games offered are paid. There are also many interesting and useful free applications and games to download.

Unfortunately, these features often run into problems, such as for example Microsoft Store cannot be opened or error. If you experience the same thing, try to apply some of these ways to overcome problem the.

Table of contents

  • How to Overcome the Microsoft Store That Can’t Open
  • Check Date and Time Settings
  • Perform a Cache Reset on the Microsoft Store
  • Folder Cache Manipulation
  • Use the Windows Troubleshooter
  • Run a CMD System Scan
  • Perform a Windows Update

How to Overcome the Microsoft Store That Can’t Open

Microsoft store

When you experience windows store auto close, try to check the internet connection To be able to access the Microsoft Store, your computer must be connected to the internet network.

Then after that, you must log in using a registered Microsoft account. If you don’t have or haven’t registered a Microsoft account yet, visit the following link.

You can register using Gmail, email or phone number to create a Microsoft account. After that, try to access the Microsoft Store again.

Check Date and Time Settings

Date and Time Settings

The next step, check the date and time settings. To make the Microsoft Store work properly, your computer / laptop must be at the right time settings.

To do this, point the cursor to the lower right corner of the screen that shows the date and time. Click the section, then select “Change date and time settings“, Then select the”Internet time“.

There you can see the written information. If your computer’s time and date settings are already in sync with the internet, it should say “The clok was successfully synchronized with“.

However, if it is not synchronized with internet time, click on the “Change settings“. Then check the box that says “Synchronize with an internet internet time server“.

After that, select the server ““Then click the tab”update now“. Done! The date and time are in sync with the internet.

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Perform a Cache Reset on the Microsoft Store

Reset Cache on the Microsoft Store

If the two methods above have been carried out, but the Microsoft Store still cannot be opened, it could be the cause cache the damaged one.

Usually, when cache problematic you will get pop-up notification reads “Windows store cache may be damage“. To fix this, try reset cache.

Here’s how to clear the microsoft store cache:

  1. Open the run window on the computer screen by pressing the “Windows + R” keys simultaneously on the keyboard
  2. Then, write “wsreset.exe
  3. Enter or click the “OK” option
  4. The computer will begin the reset process cache. When the reset process is running, the screen will automatically turn black. Just wait for the process to finish.
  5. When finished, you can try opening the Microsoft Store. It shouldn’t be an error anymore.

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Folder Cache Manipulation


Manipulating the cache folder is a way to get around windows store stuck or errors due to corrupted cache.

You can try this method, if resetting the cache can’t make the Microsoft Store open. Here’s the complete tutorial:

  1. If you are in the Microsoft Store window, forcibly close the service task manager. The trick, press the following keys simultaneously on the keyboard “CTRL + Alt + Del”
  2. After that, go to Windows and use the feature “ResearchFrom file explorer. Find the Ms.Store cache directory by typing “User” in the search feature.
  3. A folder will appear that says:

Microsoft.windowsStore_8wekyb3d8bbwe“. Open the folder

  1. You will see a selection of several folders there. Your next task is to find the folder that says “LocalState“.
  2. Rename the folder to “Cache.old
  3. Restart the computer and try opening the Microsoft Store.

Use the Windows Troubleshooter

Windows Troubleshooter

Windows store troubleshooter is a built-in Windows feature that can detect why Microsoft store errors and cannot be run.

Not only that, the Windows Troubleshooter can also solve this problem. Here’s the complete tutorial.

  1. Use the computer search feature to open the windows troubleshooter feature. To do this, go to “Windows search bar“Then write”Troubleshoot
  2. Open the feature, then scroll down until you find the Microsoft store app that says “Windows app store
  3. The Troubleshooter will begin to identify problems that occur in the application
  4. When finished, the troubleshooter will display a message that says steps to fix Ms. Store
  5. follow every step and the Microsoft store can be opened again.

Run a CMD System Scan


For an even easier solution, you can take advantage of the scan feature to repair the Microsoft store. Namely the Command Prompt or commonly referred to as CMD.

Not much different from a troubleshooter, this feature is able to detect problems with a damaged application or system.

The difference is, you don’t need to do manual repairs because the CMD scan system is able to detect and repair. Without the need for much longer, here is a tutorial to run a CMD system scan.

  1. Enter “CMD” in the windows search feature
  2. Then, select the option “Run as administratorAvailable on the right side of the screen
  3. Write the following command “Sfc“Or”Scannow
  4. CMD will begin the scan and repair process in a few minutes. Wait for it to finish
  5. If a file or application is damaged, CMD will provide a notification and will automatically repair it with the latest features
  6. Restart windows and try opening it Windows app store

Perform a Windows Update

Windows Update

If all the methods above still can’t fix the problem on the Microsoft Store, try updating Windows. The trick, open the menu Windows settings, then select the option “updates & Security“.

There you can update Windows to the latest version. For more details and details, please visit:

  • How to Update Windows 7
  • How to Update Windows 8
  • How to Update Windows 10

It is a pity if the application Microsoft Store cannot be opened or error. There, you can find lots of applications that are very useful for everyday use. Hopefully the above solutions can be useful. Good luck!

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