Even though the Xiaomi smartphone or cellphone has interesting hardware specifications and features, sometimes there are problems with the system after being used by the user for some time. The system is one part that is often hit by problems on a smartphone or cellphone. Usually the problem is marked with a notification “The System Launch Has Stopped”.

Of course it sucks, especially when the warning appears when you are replying to chat, watching videos, playing games, or doing other important activities.

Then what if you experience it? The following is a way to overcome the problem of launching the system has stopped at Xiaomi Mobile.

Overcoming the Launching System Has Stopped on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

1. Restart Xiaomi’s cellphone

The first easiest way to do when the “System Launch Has Stopped” warning appears is to restart the Xiaomi smartphone. You can find the restart button when holding the Power button for a few seconds.

After restarting, sometimes the system will return to normal immediately. But if it still doesn’t work, then you can do the other way.

2. Clean System Launcher Cache

Cache is data that is temporarily stored in the memory of your Xiaomi smartphone or cellphone when you use your device’s application. Every application, including the System Launcher or System Launcher has its own cache file and requires storage space.

Usually the system becomes problematic or error because the cache has accumulated. For that, you can clear the cache of the System Launcher or System Launcher in the Settings menu. But I suggest you should regularly clean the cache so that the system on Xiaomi’s mobile remains stable.

3. Clear System Launcher Data

If the cache cleaning still does not succeed in making the Xiaomi cell phone back to normal and it still raises the warning “System Launch Has Stopped”, then you can delete the System Launcher or System Launcher data in the Settings menu.

4. Remove the Third Party Launcher

Although third-party launchers have interesting features, sometimes this can cause problems. Especially if you download and install it from sites other than the Google Play Store. You should release the third-party Launcher, if “System Launch Has Stopped” appears and replace it with the default Launcher.

5. Update MIUI

Sometimes a variety of bugs appear when you are asked to do the latest MIUI update, one of which appears a warning “The Launch of the System Has Stopped”. For that, you should update or upgrade the latest MIUI that has appeared by OTA (Over-The-Air) on your Xiaomi mobile.

6. Remove Virus or Malware

Sometimes viruses or malware that are lodged in Xiaomi’s cellphone can cause System Launcher problems. To overcome this, you can delete a virus or malware using an antivirus application (AVG, Avast, Kaspersky, etc.) or a malware-fighting application (Malwarebytes Security).

7. Factory Reset

If the above methods cannot resolve the problem and the warning “System Launch Has Stopped” still appears, then doing a Factory Reset of the smartphone is the last resort. Usually this way will make the system recover like the condition when the Xiaomi mobile phone was first bought.

However, it should be noted, you must backup or back up important data first because a Factory Reset will cause the data that is inside to disappear.