Some of us may have been intrigued by the WhatsApp message that was suddenly deleted by the sender, before we even had time to read it. Curiosity is instantly makes us ask, what exactly is the contents of the message?

Good news, because even though WhatsApp has launched a feature that allows users to delete messages that have been sent, there is always a way to find out what messages have been deleted.

Well, for those of you who might be curious, how to read the message that has been deleted, the following we describe tips on opening WhatsApp messages that have been disallowed by the sender.

  1. First download and install the application Notisave
  2. Allow Notisave Application to Access Notifications on smartphone
  3. Make sure you don’t block WhatsApp notifications in the Notification block list in the Notisave application.
  4. Drag the Notisave application window up to the ‘Chat’ column.
  5. In the deleted chat section, the message will be displayed again by Notisave. Search for notifications from WhatsApp messages. Tadaaaa! The message that was deleted and made me curious finally found out.

Because Notisave has saved a message that was previously received by the recipient, even though the sender has deleted the message in the WhatsApp chat window, the message still appears in the Notisave application.

In addition to reading messages that have been deleted from the notification trail, the Notisave application also has many other benefits. One of them is blocking notifications from various applications at once, and also reading chat messages without the sender’s knowing. In other articles we will also describe these tips in more detail.