SWF file is a file format which is used by Adobe to play flash files, videos, and vector-based animations. SWF  file is also used as a game file. SWF stands for Small Web Format. It is also known Shockwave Flash Movie, that is created by the Adobe and this format can contain interactive text and animations. Let’s go ahead and know how to open SWF File in our System (Windows & Mac OS) using SWF Player.

Computers have become one of the most necessary tools, since with them we manage to do different activities, including jobs, research, projects. This is possible thanks to multiple programs that allow you to carry out these activities easily and comfortably.

Among these multiple programs are those that allow you to open SWF format files. This program is derived from another, Adobe Systems. From any computer with Adobe installed you can open SWF files without problem, but in case you have any complications here, we will help you solve it.

Currently, no browser and windows have built-in SWF player, so you can not directly open it.  But, there are many ways to open and run the SWF File. All these methods or ways are so simple that anyone can do this without much technical info. So, if you have an SWF file on your system, and want to play it, just read the article till the end and get the best possible and easy ways to open and play an SWF File. Let’s start.

What is SWF?

To start we must define what SWF is. Its name originates from the acronym in English Small Web Format, it is from the Macromedia company and it consists mainly of graphics and vector elaboration, they are created thanks to the Adobe Animate program. Currently, these SWF files are not exclusive to Adobe, since there are other sources from which they can be made, including this MTASC and SWFtools, free programs with which you can make an SWF file.

How to Open SWF File

We can open SWF File on your computer system with or without using any third party tools. Here we gonna explain the following 3 methods to open or play an SWF file on both Windows OS and Mac OS:-

Method 1: How to Open SWF Files using Browser[ Windows & Mac]

Method 2: How to Open SWF files using SWFFilePlayer Tool [only for Windows OS] – SWF Player

Method 3: How to Open SWF Files using Elmedia Player [only for MacOS] – – SWF Player

Let’s go through step by step detail guide of all 3 methods one by one:-

#1. How to Open SWF Files Using Browser

The simplest and fastest method to open your SWF file online for the Computer is opening it by using your browser. Chrome, Internet Explorer, or Firefox all of the browsers are supporting the SWF files format.

if you are using Adobe Flash Player Browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, then you can easily open or play an SWF file with these browsers irrespective of the OS you are using on your System. So, we can say this method will gonna work on both Windows and Mac OS.

If you are worried How Do I Open an SWF File, follow these steps:

Step 1. First open any browser on your Computer, for e.g. Internet Explorer.

Step 2. Now, simply drag and drop a .swf file to the browser window, you prefer. OR, Open the SWF File with Internet Explorer.

How to open or play SWF file

For this, right click on the SWF file and open it with ‘Internet Explorer” or any other browser supporting Adobe flash player.

How to open or play SWF file

Step 3. As you release the file on the selected browser or open with the browser, you will see that it will automatically start to play the Shockwave Flash object.

Step 4. In case your browser does not play the SWF file, it could be that:

The browser is not having the right Adobe Flash Player plugin installed. Try to download the latest version of a browser and reinstall the Flash extension.

OR, in case of Chrome browser, Adobe Flash Player might have been disabled by default.

To enable Adobe Flash Player, simply visit: chrome://settings/content/flash URL on your Chrome Browser and enable the Flash player with Ask First(Recommended).

How to open or play SWF file

When it is enabled open SWF file in Adobe, and it will start playing

That’s all. Now you can enjoy your SWF files. If you are still facing any problem in opening of playing SWF files using this method let us know in comments.

#2. How to Open SWF files using SWFFilePlayer Tool 

SWFFilePlayer is complete freeware tool for SWF (Shockwave Flash) files. You can quickly open and play SWF files as well as some Games files using this tool and also resize the window of the player while playing SWF content.

Steps are pretty simple and straightforward, it’s just like another software application for your Windows OS. Follow the steps as given below:-

Step 1: First Visit Here: SWFFilePlayer and download & install this tool on your computer System.

Step 2: Open this tool and click on ‘File’ menu –> then click on ‘open’.  A Dialog box will get open, just navigate to the location of the SWF file and click on ‘Open’.

How to open SWF file using SWFfilePlayer

Step 3: This software will show you the Metadata Tags for that opened file, Click on the ‘Play’ button at the bottom-right of the box.

How to open SWF file using SWFfilePlayer

Voilla! Enjoy your SWF content.

Additional Tip: You can toggle to the full-screen mode using F11 Hotkey.

#3.  How to Open SWF Files using Elmedia Player

Elmedia Player is a Free and smart Mac Flash Player. So, if you are a Mac user and want a free tool to open and play SWF File, this is the best tool for you.

It is full of great features so that you can get an awesome viewing experience. Let’s see how to use it on Mac.

Just follow the steps given below:-

Step 1: First Visit Here: Elmedia Flash Player and download & install this on your Mac.

how to open Swf file on Mac OS

Step 2:  Now open this app and directly open SWF file with this app or add SWF file using menu icon, as shown in the image given below:-

how to open Swf file on Mac OS

Step 3: Once you have added the file, click on Play icon and Enjoy your SWF File Movie or Game.

how to open Swf file on Mac OS

How to open swf file on Android with swf player

People often feel very comfortable using their mobile phone to play not only documents but also videos and music. By default Android devices do not have a factory swf player.
In order to open these files on Android, you need to download some applications. Follow the instructions below:

  • Download the swf Player application, you can find it in the Play Store.
  • If you have the file or several swf files outside your device, you can enter it through the data cable or external SD memory.
  • Once the swf Player application is downloaded we click and execute it.
  • Doing so will give you some options, you must choose the one that says ” local files ” to “local files”
  • Now a list of the files you have on your device will appear, find the swf file you want to work with. These are easy to find as they have a swf icon.
  • As a last step, just click on the file to play it and you should be able to open it with no problems.
  • When the file is available, then we just have to drag it to the browser window, the default player should do it without any problem. If for some reason this does not work, it may be that your version of Flash is not updated or you did not do the procedure correctly.


Here we learn the best methods to open SWF File on both Windows and Mac OS. Fastest and easiest way by using Browers. If you want a separate tool that will also be having additional features for such type of file, you can refer Method 2 and Method 3, as per your System OS.

If you are facing any problem in implementing any of the methods or have any more questions, related to this article, don’t forget to mention in the comment box below. Thanks.