Feeling disturbed by the number of posts Instagram story from a friend, but doesn’t want tounfollow for fear of causing other problems? Relax, there is a solution that can be done in a way mute story The person’s Instagram.

IG story is one way to share the moments they have passed with their followers. Can be in the form of photos, videos, or only in the form of text.

This feature does indeed present its own excitement. No wonder so many people are unknowingly routinely and continuously making posts on IG storyit, whether the posts are important or not at all.

Well, Instagram users who are “noisy” can sometimes make us upset. The reason is, the posts always appear that enliven the timeline. Even though the uploaded content is not useful at all.

Therefore, there is a way to mute someone’s Instagram Story without having to unfollow. So that we are no longer bothered by the person’s IG story posting. Curious how to do it? Let’s refer to the following tutorial.

  1. Open the application Instagram.
  2. Look in the Instagram story timeline section, whether the account you want to mute is there.
  3. If it already exists, you can immediately tap the account and hold it for a long time.
  4. Select mute option
  5. Then an option will appear for mute story or mute story and posts.
  6. Select an option mute story.
  7. After you click mute, the account posts will no longer appear in your Instagram story timeline.

Although it will disappear from the timeline, you can still peek at that person’s IG story by directly opening the account profile for which you want to see the story.

With this you will no longer see IG stories from accounts that you think are “annoying”. So no need to bother unfollowing the account, friend!

Well, that’s how to mute Instagram story. Surely it is very easy to do. Good luck and good luck!

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