How to Move Spotify Header Playlist

Techhow – Spotify provides a complete catalog of songs from singers and titles from all over the world.

Meanwhile, as a Spotify user, you certainly have a playlist that contains a variety of favorite songs to listen to whether you’re working, relaxing, or traveling.

If you want to move your Spotify playlist to another account or save it on local media, there is a way you can do this.

Even though Spotify doesn’t provide this feature directly, you can take advantage of third-party services in this case. Later, when the transfer process is successful, the Playlist will automatically be exactly the same as the previous one.

Spotify does have a Playlist sharing feature, it’s just that you won’t be able to change the order of songs because only the owner can. Now moving Spotify has the advantage that it can be adjusted to the needs of each listening session.

How to Move Spotify Playlists Between Accounts

Export Spotify Playlists

  • Go to page SpotMyBackup via browser
  • On the main page, press the button Login with Spotify Spotify MyBackup Login
  • In the pop-up menu that appears, enter Spotify account with the playlist you want to move Spotify MyBackup Login - 2
  • When it’s successful login, then press the button agree Spotify MyBackup Login - Account - 1
  • On site SpotMyBackup page will appear for Export and Import
  • You will also see the number of Playlists and Tracks that the Spotify account has
  • Press the button Export to save playlist file to device
  • The downloaded file will have json format
  • You can send json files to friends or other people Spotify MyBackup - AganAdhit- Export

Import Spotify Playlists

  • Reopen SpotMyBackup with new tab in browser
  • On the main page, press the button Login with Spotify Spotify MyBackup Login
  • Login with Spotify account who want the playlist to be moved
  • Press the button agree Spotify MyBackup Login - Account - 2
  • Next press the button Import Spotify MyBackup - Adhitya wp80 - Import
  • Press the button Browse… to find the previous json laylist file
  • Once the file is selected, press the button Open Spotify MyBackup - Adhitya wp80 - Import 2
  • Next SpotMyBackup will move the Playlists to the second Spotify account
  • After the process is complete, you will immediately see the Playlist in your account Spotify MyBackup - Adhitya wp80 - Import Success

You could say the process for moving or copying Playlists between Spotify accounts on the SpotMyBackup site can be done easily. But of course the estimated time will vary depending on the number of playlists and songs that the account has.

Based on my experience, this SpotMyBackup site is able to move or copy Playlists between accounts completely starting from the number of Playlists, Playlist titles, to the number of songs. Unfortunately there is no method to move playlists individually.

However, it should be noted that even though SpotMyBackup is open source, it is a third-party site and not made by Spotify, so you have to be careful that the personal data in your Spotify account is not used without permission.

After successfully moving the Playlist, you should immediately Revoke or stop the access permission from SpotMyBackup to Spotify to anticipate unwanted things in the future.

How to Stop SpotMyBackup Access Permission to Spotify

  • Open Spotify app permission page via browser
  • Login with account Desired Spotify
  • Search access SpotMyBackup
  • Next, press the button Remove Access on the right Spotify MyBackup - Revoke - 1
  • Later a notification will appear Successfully revoked access for app
  • After success, then you need to give permission again when you want to use SpotMyBackup Spotify MyBackup - Revoke - 2

After you revoke the app’s permission, SpotMyBackup will no longer be able to access the data on Spotify. You could say this is one way to prevent account personal data from being accessed without permission.