Currently, we are always connected to the internet, there are rare occasions when we are offline and, however, there are some contents that, even if we could reproduce them in streaming, it is better to download in advance. On our iPhone or iPad we talk mainly about the programs of Podcasts and from the series or movies of TV.

How to manage the storage of episodes, programs or movies

The steps to see the storage that these downloads occupy are very simple:

  1. We open the app Adjustments on our iPhone or iPad.
  2. We came in general.
  3. We touch on IPhone / iPad Storage.
  4. We scroll down the list and tap on Podcasts or TV.

In both cases, the steps will be the same. Within the information of the app we find a list where we see what programs, episodes or movies are downloaded on the device. This list is ordered from largest to smallest, and we can use it to clean and free up space.

To delete an element, just slide your finger from right to left over the element and then press Remove.

Easy, right? And, although in this article, we focus on the content of the apps Podcasts and TV, with these same steps, we can clean the app Music or others.