Maybe you have felt bored when chatting using WhatsApp with mediocre text and emojis. Now to be more expressive sending messages to friends, surely you have already used the WhatsApp sticker feature that has been available. The default WhatsApp sticker feature you can usually use automatically and mostly in the form of funny cartoon images.

Not only that, you can use the sticker either through a private network (Japri) or WA Group (WAG) with friends so that the conversation becomes more interesting and adorable. The main thing is not boring!

However, you can also make stickers using photos in your smartphone gallery. Funny or even silly photos of you that have been stored for a long time can be created as a personal WhatsApp sticker and become more exclusive. You can even make photos of your friends and start a sticker war on WAG.

It’s very easy to make a personal WhatsApp sticker using your photos or even your friends. Check out the steps below.

Steps to Make Personalized WhatsApp Stickers Using Your Own Photos

    1. Open the Google Play Store app.
    2. You only need to download a third party application, i.e. Sticker Maker.
    3. Open the application after it’s downloaded.
    4. Start to make your stickers by pressing create new which will open your gallery.
    5. Choose which photos you want to create into WhatsApp stickers.
    6. If you choose a photo that contains more than one person, you must first use the free hand crop menu option.
    7. If the photo is only one person or you are alone, you just select auto crop. Then automatically your photos are cropped according to your face size.How to Make WhatsApp Stickers With Your Own Photo Creations
    8. From the results of the cropped photo, press Next. Your sticker will appear as New Sticker Pack.
    9. Give a name as you wish. Just a suggestion, make more than one sticker between three to four stickers for more choices.
  1. Tare! Your sticker is ready.
  2. Tenkan Add to WhatsApp then send the sticker by pressing the top-right menu like a dot.
  3. select Share This Pack first to the friends you want to send stickers to.How to Make WhatsApp Stickers With Your Own Photo Creations

The thing to remember, you have to do step 7 so that your stickers can appear on the WhatsApp menu with other emojis. You can delete a Share This Pack post before using a sticker so it doesn’t become spam in your friend’s text.

Then you can start chatting with the private sticker that was made earlier to the friend who sent the Share This Pack.

Your sticker will appear below the text column along with other cartoon stickers. Your personal WhatsApp sticker is also saved with other cartoon stickers on the plus icon on the far right.