In addition to uploading a lively fireworks party in the new 2020s in their respective regions, several citizens were also seen sharing photos of “Best Nine Instagram 2019”. So, how do you make the Best Nine Instagram 2019?

For your information, the photo is a collection of nine of the best photos on Instagram over the past year. The nine best photos are selected based on the number of times like obtained in the photo.

Surely curious, right, where are the best photos that you have on Instagram? Instead of being stunned, it’s better to see how the team works to easily make Best Nine Instagram photos in 2019.

This photo, you can make a closing in 2019, as well as opening a new page in 2020 on Instagram. Let’s see how!

    • First, make sure your Instagram account is unlocked or notprivate.
    • Next, open the website page Bestnine.
    • After successfully logging in, enter your Instagram ID to get your nine best photos on Instagram.
    • Relax, you don’t need to enter it username to the password.
    • Then, click the button Get.
    • The Bestnine website will process to find any of your nine best photos. This process takes about 10 minutes. But it can also be faster, depending on whether many are using the service or not
    • After the process is complete, the nine best photos that you have on Instagram in 2019 will appear in collage form.

It’s easy to make a picture, right? Good luck and good luck!