OPPO A3s is another smartphone of OPPO which is popular because it has attractive hardware specifications, but has a low price. In addition, this smartphone has a contemporary design with full-screen bangs or notch like the iPhone X on the top.

Meanwhile, the screen itself has a width of 6.2 inches with HD + resolution (1520 x 720 pixels), IPS technology, and a 19: 9 aspect ratio that fills the front. Moreover, IPS technology allows users to still see photos, videos, or games clearly on the screen to an angle of 178 degrees.

Unfortunately, OPPO A3s itself does not have a fingerprint sensor on the front or back so that it is replaced by the Face Unlock feature that allows users to open the lock using only the face.

Usually in this Face Unlock can be activated by a combination using a password, PIN, or pattern because just in case if the user’s face is difficult to recognize by a smartphone.

Interestingly, thanks to Face Unlock it also allows users OPPO A3s can lock an application so that the privacy of its users is maintained because certain applications can only be accessed with the user’s permission.

For those, who is curious to lock the application, you can see the tutorial as follows:

How to Lock the OPPO A3s application with Face Unlock

  1. First, On your OPPO A3s smartphone.
  2. Now, you can choose Face & Passcode in the Settings menu.
  3. On the Face & Passcode page, you can choose the Lockscreen Password menu and can make the desired screen lock using either Pattern, Password, or PIN.
  4. When done, then just go to the Face menu on the Face & Passcode page and registers the face used to unlock with the Face Unlock feature.
  5. Later, you will be guided in registering faces for the first time using them.
  6. If you are already registered, then you can go to the Use Face option which will be displayed in the the Unlock, App Lock, and Private Safe menu.
  7. Besides Unlock, you can directly activate App Lock.
  8. Later on, App Lock will appear on a variety of applications that can be locked and accessed by using App Lock.
  9. After completion, you can return to the OPPO A3s home screen to try the results
  10. Later, whenever you access the application that has been locked, you will be asked to scan faces that have been registered in the Face Unlock feature.
  11. Next, the locked application will open. Hurrey!

For the record, if the locked application cannot be opened by the face, using the Face Unlock feature, then automatically OPPO A3s will direct the user to open the locked application with a pattern, PIN, or password.

You could say this feature is interesting because it can secure the application so it is not haphazardly accessed by others considering sometimes some people like to be curious about chat, SMS, and various things that we have done on smartphones. Good luck.

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